Multi-purpose and counselling rooms are provided with equipment and furniture at the UNRWA Jalazon Basic School

Thanks to National Beverage Company donations,

Multi-purpose and counselling rooms are provided with equipment and furniture at the UNRWA Jalazon Basic School

Ramallah- Al-Hayat Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) provided donation for the equipment and furniture of two rooms, a Multi-purpose Room and a Counselling Room, at the Mixed Jalazon Basic School affiliated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

NBC donation will help the school provide an environment of joy and psychological relaxation by way of counselling and guidance. The rooms will be used to organize extracurricular and entertainment activities as well as interactive collective psychological activities. These activities will target all 600 students of the basic school, ranging from the 1st to the 4th grade, including students with special needs.

The donations were delivered in the presence of Alaa Al Esawi representative of NBC and Mustafa Shaaban, Principal of Jalazon Basic School.  NBC donated the equipment and furniture such as curtains, safe flooring, lockers, 2 projectors, 2 monitors, tutorial games for both rooms, T.V, laptop, printer, 10 tables, 30 chairs for the Multi-purpose Room, and 40 chairs for the Counselling Room.

“Our company pays high attention to the support of Palestine’s education, the cornerstone of raising generations of creative people and entrepreneurs, who can contribute to the social and economic development as well as handling the challenges”, said NBC’s General Manager, Mr. Imad al-Hindi. “This donation to the Jalazon Basic School translates our affiliation to our Palestinian society and aims to support our people in Jalazon camp, UNRWA and Jalazon School staff towards promoting the educational and guidance services offered to the students so that they can receive their education in a compassionate, comfortable, and interactive school environment. Additionally, it aims at helping the students with special needs get involved in the school community and deal with the educational challenges too”.

“NBC has been very keen to support the Palestinian Education sector in all governorates, especially the remote, underprivileged areas, camps and generally to promote education in our country, help students of Palestine have access to education despite the tough challenges and conditions”, added Mr. al-Hindi.

The Head of Education Program of UNRWA in the West Bank, Mo’aweya Emar emphasized the importance of social responsibility in supporting education as the source of human capital of the Palestinian society. Private companies, notably including NBC, are pioneers in social contribution aimed at serving education and providing refugees with educational services.

Mr. Emar added that “this donation will improve classrooms and make them more attractive to students, and thus increase student affiliation apart from traditional classrooms and routine study.  Mr. Emar also noted that NBC’s initiative concurs with UNRWA’s initiative to improve education and increase students’ affiliation to school.   UNRWA started the implementation of the interactive classrooms project by changing the furniture, installing ancillary electric devices to help create motivational environment for the students.