National Beverage Company signs an agreement for the sponsorship of Hilal Al-Quds Club’s Football Academy


Ramallah- “Alayyam”: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) signed an agreement for the sponsorship of Jerusalem’s Hilal Al-Quds Club’s Football Academy. The agreement was signed at NBC’s headquarter at Beitunia, in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of  NBC, Mr. Deyaa Al-Shuwaiki, President of Hilal Al-Quds Club, Samer Al-Shuwaiki, Moussa Jarjoui, and Wael Sandouka, members of the Board of Hilal Al-Quds Club, Othman El-Shaeebi, media professional of Hilal Al-Quds Club, and Alaa Esawi, Technical Department Coordinator at NBC.


Mr. al-Hindi said he is proud to sign this agreement for the sponsorship of the junior’s football academy of Hilal Al-Quds Club. He said: “At NBC, we take pride in supporting this institution which has a long history and an outstanding track record of achievements at the local and regional sport activities, as well as cultural and social achievements in all age groups in our society, including the youth and children”. Mr. al-Hindi noted that the sound harnessing and channeling of the energy of the youth represents an investment toward the advancement of our Palestinian society.


Mr. al-Hindi pointed out that sponsoring of Hilal Al-Quds Club is a part of NBC’s endeavors to foster the leading and rising local teams and clubs. He affirmed that NBC is proud of its partnership with the Jerusalem’s Club, and it is committed to provide the greatest possible support for the institutions in Jerusalem which empower the youth and juniors of both genders in Jerusalem, and contribute in their inclusion and talent refinement, as well as provide an encouraging sport climate toward boosting the skills of the juniors and the youth, and investing the spare time ideally by providing activities that nourish the psychological and physical health, especially amidst the tough economic conditions.


On his part, Mr. Deyaa Al-Shuwaiki said that the Management and Board of Directors of Hilal Al-Quds Club are pleased with the agreement concluded with NBC. He extended thanks and appreciation to NBC for its kind initiative. Al-Shuwaiki added: “this agreement represents an important entitlement for the city of Jerusalem and a patriot and strategic duty for the welfare of its population, at a time when the Club strives to maintain high performance and looks for real strategic partners committed to their social responsibility to support the Club in its future plans, and NBC is perfectly positioned to offer this. God willing, the teams will rise to the occasion.”