National Beverage Company announces its sponsorship for Balata Youth Center Veterans


Beitunia – “Al Ayyam”: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the team of Balata Youth Center Veterans of the city of Nablus by supplying apparel and uniforms carrying the ‘Coca-Cola’ logo.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, noted that: “the sponsorship provided by NBC for the Balata Youth Center Veterans is within the context of the various achievements attained by the Balata Youth Center, which continues to provides its social, cultural, and sportive services to the Balata Camp population”.


Mr. Al-Hindi expressed pride and honor to support such a promising team which has always proven competence in the competitions. He stressed that NBC is always keen to support the junior teams and the first generations of the sporting clubs, including the veterans team. He hoped that sponsoring the veterans team would contribute to covering a portion of the costs and financial burdens, especially amid the tough financial conditions suffered by the various sport activities in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. al-Hindi called upon the various entities to support and uphold these clubs so that they can carry on their activities.


Mr. Kamal Nada, manager of the Balata Youth Center Veterans’ team, on behalf of Mr. Nemer Sharaiah, President of Balata Youth Center, extended thanks for NBC’s noble gesture to the team and for supplying their sport supplies, including the uniform. He hoped that such support and cooperation between NBC and the Balata Youth Center would continue so that the Balata Youth Center can represent Palestine in the local, Arab, and international events. At the same time, he appreciated Mr. Sharaiah for his efforts and endless support of the team.