Under Bronze Sponsorship, National Beverage Company Sponsors and Participates in the World Cup for Sustainable Development Goals



The National Beverage Company  Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) provided bronze sponsorship for the World Cup for the Sustainable Development Goals in Palestine, The Sponsorship included the participation of a team of its women staff in the activities of the Cup  hosted by the Human Supporters Association in partnership with “Do Good”, a social enterprise founded by Her Royal Highness Lara Al-Faisal - Amman.

The World Cup for Sustainable Development Goals aims to encourage women around the world to participate and compete in a league combining sport and social reform, by selecting one of the 17 United Nations global development goals.  The winning team will participate during the fifth championship of the World Cup for Sustainable Development Goals in the Middle East in name of Palestine in the World Championship with 17 teams from around the world, The championship will be held in the Czech Republic in May 2023.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy, said, “We are proud of our sponsorship of important events such as the Global Goals World Cup, especially as it involves many messages in the framework of sustainable development, one of which was conveyed by our participating team, i.e., climate action, and preserving the environment.”  He explained that “our sponsorship of the World Cup for sustainable development goals comes within the framework of our social responsibility towards promoting sports culture and acting to raise environmental awareness, as well as contributing to the achievement of the desired development sought by the world based on our belief that sport is an effective tool to enhance and promote peace and development goals.”


Mr. al-Hindi added, "The participation of our female staff in the World Cup for the Sustainable Development Goals comes as a result of our belief in the importance of empowering Palestinian women, demonstrating their great capabilities to compete and reach; and their ability to change and make a difference to promote and advance their country and contribute to its development and growth, especially that sport has proven to be a tool for promoting peace and development goals together".

Mr. al Hindi pointed out that "the sustainable development goals, before being a global target, are a societal mission to enhance and develop communities.  Hence, the mission of the World Cup for the Sustainable Development Goals is firstly, to inspire women in the sports sector, and secondly, to make an impact on the level of sustainable development in their communities."

On his part, Mr. Wajdi Yaish, Director of Human Supporters Association, said, "Because we at the Human Supporters Association aim to promote social justice and change within the Palestinian society, we are keen to implement all the activities seeking to achieve this. Therefore, we were keen to bring the Global Goals World Cup to Palestine, which aligns with our goals of empowerment and justice.”

He explained that the World Cup for Sustainable Development Goals will be an opportunity for Palestinian women to make a positive impact in their communities, by applying one of the conditions for participating in the tournament to benefit from the seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations, praising the role of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and its constant keenness to promote and develop our society by supporting all activities aimed at achieving sustainable development.

The Global Goals World Cup "Sustainable Development Goals" is a five-a-side football tournament for women's teams, held at the local, regional and global levels to advocate and support the implementation of the 17 human development goals set by the United Nations in order to eradicate poverty, protect the Earth Planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.