As part of Back To School Campaign 2022 National Beverage Company distributes over 6000 school bags


The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) completed the distribution of over six thousand school bags across the West Bank and Gaza Strip governorates, as part of Back To School Campaign 2022-2023, in cooperation with many charitable societies, and children, orphans, and underprivileged families organizations.

The Campaign managed to distribute more than six thousand school bags to students, in cooperation with the charitable organizations and societies across the various governments of Palestine. 3500 school bags were distributed to students in the Gaza Strip governorates, and more than 2500 school bags were distributed to students in the West Bank governorates. The campaign targets sick and orphan students and unprivileged families.

At the conclusion of this Campaign, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said: “Since the new academic year begins amidst the hard-hitting economic conditions in Palestine, we must join hands with the organizations and societies to support the students and the underprivileged families, and strengthen the education process”. Mr. al-Hindi added that NBC dedicates its efforts to support school students, and it strives to give the students a favorable beginning of the academic year,

Mr. al-Hindi stressed the importance of such campaigns which support the students and the educational process, and motivate and encourage the students to go to schools. He also asserted NBC’s continuous efforts supporting the educational sector in Palestine, noting that NBC strives to eliminate the obstacles that face the underprivileged students in the society and seeks to include them in their schools in a manner that guarantees an easy and streamlined education process.

Mr. Ahmed Dwaikat, Director of Madeed Charity Association, commended the efforts exerted by NBC in completing this campaign. He explained that the impact of the campaign on the beneficiary students will stand out at the beginning of the new academic year, and stressed that such campaigns should become an annual tradition by the private institutions as they contribute to helping the underprivileged children in the society.

Mr. Sami Jojo, General Manager of Basmat Amal Association, extended thanks to NBC for its commitment to uphold the children and the school students, especially the sick and orphaned ones, amidst the tough economic and living conditions affecting the Palestinian families in Gaza Strip. He explained how this campaign contributes to encouraging the students to start school, in addition to the significant role of such campaigns in providing the basic study supplies amidst the struggling economy.

NBC is committed to organize Back To School campaign every year and reach out the maximum number of students to boost the educational process as part of its community contributions, because education issues are at the forefront of its commitments, whether by providing study supplies and school bags, or by supporting the schools and educational institutions to help establish a sound educational environment.