National Beverage Company provides donations to Thalassemia Patients and launches the Eid Smile campaign to support orphans

National Beverage Company engages 50 women to prepare Eid Cookies,
Ramallah As a part of its continued efforts to support the local community, especially the families affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the marginalized groups, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) donated food packages to Thalassemia Patients’ Friends Society in Tulkarem on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.  NBC also launched the Eid Smile campaign which included the distribution Eid Cookies to 500 families supporting orphans, people with special needs and fragile families due to the repercussions of the pandemic.
Through the Eid Smile initiative, NBC engaged 50 women to prepare Eid Cookies as a part of its effort to empower women economically in the light of deteriorating economic conditions due to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).The campaign also aims to bring about the feelings of joy and delight to orphan children, people with special needs and their families during Eid al-Fitr in the current harsh and difficult circumstances that our society goes through.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, stressed NBC's interest in continuing its initiatives to support chaste families, marginalized groups and groups affected by this pandemic, as a commitment of NBC towards its Palestinian community. He indicated that NBC's donations since the beginning of the crisis and the declaration of emergency state amounted to more than 400,000 shekels. NBC’s donations included its products of mineral water, juices and soft drinks in addition to the food packages for the local community and the security service crews working on the checkpoints of love and preventive medicine crews. NBC also donated one million seven hundred and fifty thousand shekels to “Waqfat Ezz” fund, allocating this donation to workers who are unemployed because of the pandemic, and whose cash contributions are delivered by the Ministry of Labor according to the unemployed workers lists registered with it.
Mr. al-Hindi pointed out that NBC and its employees moved promptly to support our people in this difficult situation.  The employees initiated a solidarity fund with workers in order to support the unemployed and the families affected by this pandemic. NBC's employees will contribute through the Takaful Fund by donating two working days' salary, and one working day's salary that NBC will cover for each employee. NBC will also donate three working days' salary for each employee whose monthly salary is less than $600.
Due to the difficult economic circumstance that has become more complicated with the outbreak of the pandemic, Mr. al-Hindi said that NBC had intensified its donations for the local community during the holy month of Ramadan in order to ease the economic burdens on people of our Palestinian society in these exceptional circumstances. He added that NBC was keen to support the marginalized segments, especially orphans, people with special needs and the patients of Thalassemia, kidney and diabetes. NBC’s donations targeted female breadwinners in families to enable them to face difficult economic conditions.
He stressed the importance of the Palestinian private sector’s role in continuing support and assistance efforts for the local community and official institutions working in the face of the outbreak of Coronavirus. He added “As long as we still face this pandemic, and its effects continue to hit various sectors of business, services and economic activities, we have an option, which is the need to continue working and banding together for a longer period in order to support the people of our Palestinian society, and stand by the segments affected by this pandemic and enable them to withstand these difficult circumstances.”
NBC made their donations through coordination with more than 140 institutions in the various governorates of the country, including governorate offices, the ministry of Endowments and religious Affairs, Zakat committees, the Customs Control Authority, the Military Medical Services, the Palestinian civil defense, the General Intelligence Directorate, the National Security Service, the Palestinian Police Service, the Palestinian Red Crescent volunteer crews in Al-Eizariya, and volunteer crews and emergency committees in a number of camps, villages, towns, local bodies, charities, and women and development associations.