National Beverage Company Donates more than Two Million Shekels to Support the Workers and the Local Community

Beitunia- Al-Hayat Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) continued its contributions in support of the local community, the workers whose jobs have been interrupted and other affected groups. The total donations provided by NBC since the outbreak of the crisis to date exceeded two million and one hundred thousand Shekels intended to contribute in enhancing the national efforts exerted to support the families and groups affected as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 
NBC’s contributions included donating one million, seven hundred, and fifty-thousand Shekels via Wakfet Izz Fund for the workers whose works were disrupted due to the pandemic. The Ministry of Labor (MOL) will allocate such donations to the affected workers based on the lists of workers registered with the Ministry. NBC’s contributions also include donating its products and food packages for the local community which amount to over three hundred and fifty-thousand Shekels
In line with such efforts, NBC and its employees took the initiative and launched a workers solidarity fund to translate the employees’ sense of solidarity with the workers affected by the pandemic and to extend a helping hand in such a circumstance. NBC’s employees will donate a two working days’ pay while NBC will donate a day’s pay per employee. Further, NBC will donate a three working days’ pay per employee whose salary is less than $600.

On Monday, NBC signed in its head office at Beitunia a donation agreement for Wakfet Izz Fund for the workers affected, In the presence of His Excellency Dr. Nasri Abu Jaish, Minister of Labor, with the participation ofMr. Zahi Khouri, NBC Chairman through videoconference. The signing event was attended by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, Mr. Talal Nasereddin, Chairman of Wakfet Izz Fund, and Mr. Rami Mehdawi, General Director of General Department of Employment at the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry’s official spokesperson.
Dr. Nasri Abu Jaish valued NBC’s initiative to support the workers who are out of work due to the coronavirus and their families who were affected by the pandemic. He asserted that such initiative will contribute in enhancing the efforts intended to support the workers in such challenging economic circumstances and the disruption of many sectors.
Abu Jaish pointed out that the Ministry of Labor will allocate the donations to the workers who are out of work next week based on the lists of the unemployed workers registered with the Ministry. Abu Jaish commended the role performed by the private sector in supporting the workers who constitute a significant part of the community, and whose works and livelihoods have been disrupted, which doubled the number of poor workers in Palestine.
Via the videoconference technology, Mr. Zahi Khouri welcomed the attendants and valued the efforts exerted to support the workers whose works were disrupted in the consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.
 In turn, Mr. Imad al-Hindi emphasized that: “NBC provides such donation as part of its responsibility toward the nation and the community under such tough circumstances which require the contribution of everyone in a framework of solidarity and synergy in order to support our community during such crisis, especially the workers who represent one of the key groups affected by the coronavirus, therefore we took action in response to the call made by H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas and Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, the Prime Minister, in order to become a part of the Wakfet Izz initiative so that we can stand by the workers and the people of our nation during such a calamity”.
Mr. al-Hindi said: “NBC’s donation targets the workers whose works were disrupted in the aftermath of the pandemic in order to preserve the dignity of the Palestinian workers and protect their families following the interruption of many economic and production activities and sectors, which pushed thousands of families to the poverty line. Therefore, we had to contribute to Wakfet Izz to stand by our workers under such dire conditions”.
On his part, Talal Nasereddin expressed his appreciation for NBC’s initiative donating to the workers through Wakfet Izz. He considered that the role of the private sector during such critical stage is important to support the Palestinian people and to embody such national, official, and popular synergy. Nasereddin called upon the economic businesses, businessmen, and investors, in Palestine and in the diaspora, to donate to the fund which operates in full partnership with the Government of Palestine and the private sector organizations to ensure that the aids will be allocated to the people who actually deserve them.
Regarding the contributions provided by NBC throughout the crisis, Mr. al-Hindi noted that since the outbreak of the crisis, NBC continued its donations, in the form of food packages, and its own products of mineral water, juice, sparkling beverages, and protection kits, and it increased its donations with the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan with the aim of easing the economic burdens of the people of Palestine who received the Holy month under extraordinary tough conditions.
NBC’s donations targeted the vulnerable families and the marginalized groups, in addition to the security staff stationed at the 'Barriers of Love’, and the emergency committees, as well as the preventive medicine teams, in order to enable our community to address such pandemic.
Further, NBC was keen to target the affected workers, families with a modest income, children, women who provide for their families, orphans, people with special needs, and the thalassemia and diabetic patients, in addition to donating to the quarantine centers.
NBC allocated its donations by coordinating with over 125 institutions nationwide, including the governorates’ offices, the Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs, the Zakat committees, the customs police, the Military Medical Service, the Palestinian Civil Defence, the Palestinian General Intelligence, the Palestinian National Security Forces, the Palestinian Civil Police Force, the Palestinian Red Crescent volunteers at al-Azariya, volunteers and emergency committees in a number of camps, villages, and towns, and the local agencies, in addition to the chartable societies; such as Thalassemia Patients' Friends Society and the Diabetic Patients Friends Association.
NBC further donated dozens of sun shades for the convenience of the security teams who continue their mission at the 'Barriers of Love’ to protect the people during the emergency state declared to address the coronavirus pandemic.
Further, NBC contributed in the printing out of thousands of copies of Ramadan calendar which contains guidelines for protection from the coronavirus, in cooperation with the Palestinian Civil Defence, where the national defence teams distributes such copies to the citizens in an effort to promote awareness about coronavirus prevention.
NBC will continue its donations throughout the Holy month of Ramadan in cooperation with the official, nongovernmental, and community organizations to contribute in supporting the local community, and the vulnerable, affected, and marginalized families in confronting the coronavirus pandemic.