Tulkarm: National Beverage Company Rehabilitates a street in Kufur Zibad

Tulkarm- In cooperation with Kafr Zibad Village Council at Tulkarm governorate, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the rehabilitation and pavement of (Daklet Al-Hawaz) Street, which serves the people of the village and streamlines their movement to the surrounding villages.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said: “our contribution to restore and pave (Daklet Al-Hawaz) Street at Kafr Zibad constitutes a part of the efforts exerted to serve the citizens in the village, alleviate the traffic congestion, and facilitates their movement as this street is connected with main and side streets”.

Mr. al-Hindi added that the project “embodies NBC’s vision and belief in the importance of supporting and serving the local community amidst the tough circumstances and conditions it experiences”. He asserted that NBC is committed to continue supporting such projects which serve the Palestinian people and the public interest.

He said: “Through this project, we hope to contribute to serving our people in Al-Kufreyat who have good relationship with  NBC, especially that Al-Kufreyat is the home of Cappy plant, Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Product factory, and NBC’s branch at the north, as NBC employs more than 220 permanent employees and 50 temporary employees from the local people of the area and the surrounding areas, therefore, we are keen to contribute to developing and improving the environment surrounding Al-Kafreyat people.”

On his part, Farouk Ghanayem, Chief of Kafr Zibad Village Council, commended the support provided by  NBC to implement this essential project to serve the people of the town.