National Beverage Company and Sareyyet Ramallah sign the Women’s Football Team Sponsorship Renewal Agreement


Beitunia- Al Ayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and Sareyyet Ramallah signed a one-year renewal agreement to sponsor Sareyyet Ramallah Women’s Football Team for the ninth year in a row.

The agreement was signed at NBC’s head office in Beitunia, and it was attended by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, Mr. Jad Qandah, Deputy Chairman of Sareyyet Ramallah, Mr. Khalid Elayan, Executive Manager of Sareyyet Ramallah, and Mr. Alaa El Esawi, NBC Technical and PR Coordinator.

Mr. al-Hindi said he is proud of signing the agreement to sponsor Sareyyet Ramallah Women’s Football Team. He said: “At NBC, we take pride in supporting this institution which has a solid heritage, and a track record of achievements in the sport, cultural, and social activities for the various age groups in our society, including the youth and children”. He noted that investing the youth potentials and channeling them to the right direction constitute an investment to lift our Palestinian society. He asserted that NBC will continue supporting Sareyyet Ramallah women’s football team.

Mr. al-Hindi added that NBC devotes its attention and commitment to meet the needs of the sport teams in general, to encourage and advance the women sports in Palestine, therefore, NBC sponsors Sareyyet Ramallah Women’s Football Team this year, after they proved their worthiness and managed to score the best results in the women’s football league. Mr. al-Hindi then wished them further progress and success in their endeavors.

Mr. al-Hindi emphasized the in-depth partnership between NBC and Sareyyet Ramallah which comprises of many years of giving and mutual trust, hoping that the sponsorship will contribute to encouraging the youth of both genders to exercise various types of sports and arts, especially participation in the community and scouting events carried out by Sareyyet Ramallah.

Mr. Jad Qandah highly valued NBC efforts renewing its sponsorship of the women’s football team, and its ongoing support of Sareyyet Ramallah in particular, and all the community, sport, and cultural institutions, which need all the support possible given the circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic spread. Qandah called upon all the private companies and institutions to meet the needs of the sport, cultural, and social institutions, and to stand by them and support them in view of their poor financial capabilities during the hard times we have been witnessing.