National Beverage Company renews sponsorship of the Junior Basketball Team of the Jerusalem De La Salle Club


Beitunia- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) renewed its sponsorship of the Junior Basketball Team of the Jerusalem De La Salle Club. The sponsorship entails the provision of the team’s sport supplies, equipment, and sportswear distinguished by Sprite logo. 

The agreement was signed at NBC head office in Beitunia, in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, George Khoury, President of the De La Salle Club, Hacob Banian, Vice President of the Club, Basel Abu Diab, PR Manager of the Club, and Alaa El Esawi, NBC Technical and PR Coordinator.

Mr. al-Hindi said that renewing NBC sponsorship of the Junior Basketball Team of the Jerusalem De La Salle Club stems from its belief in the importance of supporting the sport clubs in the Palestinian governorates, especially the clubs in Jerusalem, including the Jerusalem De La Salle club which attained continuous achievements at the local level.

Mr. al-Hindi commended the level of this rising team which includes outstanding players, and he hoped that sponsoring of this team by NBC would serve as a beacon toward more and more successes, and uplifting of the basketball level among the junior and young age groups.

At the same time, Mr. al-Hindi asserted that NBC will continue supporting and sponsoring the team until it attains its goals and boosts the name of Palestine high at the local, Arab, and international levels.

Mr. al-Hindi called for harnessing all capabilities to reinforce the sports and sporting clubs in Jerusalem, to embrace the youth of both genders, and to guide them to a healthy athletic life, amid the special circumstances seen in Jerusalem, with the aim of laying the suitable ground for accommodating and embracing the youth skills amid the tough economic and social conditions.

On his part, George Khoury extended sincere thanks to NBC, particularly Mr. Imad al-Hindi, for renewing its sponsorship of the De La Salle club, especially that NBC has been sponsoring the team for many years which contributed in strengthening the club’s endurance in Jerusalem, in addition to raising a younger basketball generation that includes all the age groups and can compete with other teams and represent Palestine in the various forums.