Sponsored by the National Beverage Company The Consumer Protection Society takes a tour to summer camps


Ramallah – Kamel Jubail- The Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection (PSCP) at Ramallah and Al-Bireh organized a series of visits to a group of summer camps affiliated to the Higher Council for Youth and Sports under the slogan: “The gates of our city will not be locked” of the Guards of Jerusalem.  The tour is intended to raise awareness about the consumer rights, the methods of filing complaints, the mechanisms of advocating for consumer rights, and to emphasize that the consumer is the key operative factor in advocating the consumer rights, in addition to the methods of supporting the products made in Palestine and making them the primary choice of the Palestinian consumers, especially the products that meet the mandatory technical instructions and receive international quality certificates.

Such tours have been sponsored by the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia” which participated in all the tours, introduced their companies, and gave away free samples of their products during the visits which covered the summer camps in Ni'lin, Budrus, Janiya, Bil'in, Taybeh, Silwad, and Mughayir. Al Arz Ice Cream Factory gave away free samples of its products in a number of these camps.

According to Mr. Salah Hanieh, Head of the PSCP: “our message is heard clearly and loudly when we send it from the summer camps, with which we worked effectively this summer, as we receive attention from the camp members and engage in objective discussions that give us a new experience in performing our mission raising the awareness about the consumer rights and supporting the products made in Palestine. The message is delivered beyond any commercial or marketing interests of some merchants and promoters as the children ask questions and discuss the mechanism of filing complaints and its results”.

“We received a number of suggestions from the camp members.  The suggestions concentrate on the Palestinian barcode and the importance of creating it, the importance of fixing the Palestinian quality mark on the Palestinian products packaging, the importance of declaring the prices and the companies’ helping the consumers by setting the prices on the products for the consumers’ conveniences, and expanding the marketing base, especially that the camp members noted that some of the Palestinian products are not available in the markets of the Palestinian towns and villages”, added Mr. Hanieh.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC and Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia” said: “The PSCP’s activity in the summer camps to focus on the consumer rights and support the Palestinian products is a priority for NBC, as we are committed to the consumer rights, in terms of ensuring a safe environment, safe food products, and delivery of safe and world-class quality goods, and we compete by quality which is the key to the success of any product”.

Mr. al-Hindi noted that it is important to continue educating the children and students about the consumer rights, and to encourage them to consume the Palestinian products which stood the competition with other products. He explained that NBC saw to provide diverse world-class quality choices of products made in Palestine, in line with NBC’s vision introducing premium products to the consumers, including beverages, juice, and water, in addition to the products of Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Product Company in Tulkarm, which holds the exclusive concession of Candia, the top dairy and cheese producer and exporter in Europe, as such products are introduced by Palestinian hands to the Palestinian consumers with world-class quality.

“Our partnership with the PSCP yields the goals we have set as part of our vision to build ties and strengthen the relationship with the PSCP and the youth to advance the Palestinian society and build a generation conscious of the importance of supporting the Palestinian products” explained Mr. al-Hindi.

Mr. Ramzy A Anabtawi, Deputy General Director of Al Arz Ice Cream Factory, stressed the importance of the PSCP’s efforts in promoting the awareness about the consumer rights and support of the Palestinian products, and the importance of our support of such paramount activities.