Under the sponsorship of National Beverage Company to mark the World Food Safety Day The Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection launches the events of WFSD week


Ramallah- Alhayat Economy- Ibrahim Abu Kamesh - The Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection (PSCP) launched the events of the World Food Safety Day (WFSD) week under the slogan “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”, under the patronage of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia”.


This was announced during the launch ceremony that was organized yesterday, Sunday, by the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection, under the sponsorship of Dr. Mai al-Kaila, Minister of Health, at the garden of Ramallah Ankars Hotel. The figures who participated in the ceremony include Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC and Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia”, Nader Barhoush, Director of Environmental Health Department, Salah Haniyeh, Head of the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection, Roberto Morales, the Nicaraguan ambassador in Palestine, and representatives of the food safety and public health relevant institutions, in addition to a number of private sector institutions.


As part of the WFSD event week, a seminar on Palestine will be held on Monday via Zoom, intended to raise the consumers’ awareness about the food safety and public health issues. Many experts and specialists will speak at the seminar, including Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sabbah, Dr. Zeyad Ayyad, Dr. Samer Al-Modalal, expert Eissa Bettoni, and Eman Daghash. Further, a seminar will be held tomorrow Tuesday at Deir Qaddis Youth Club, west of Ramallah.


Mr. al-Hindi said: “our commitment to the food safety and quality standards stems from our concern to contribute in achieving food security in Palestine, therefore, we continued supporting the food safety events in cooperation with the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection. This year, the WFSD is organized under the slogan “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”, as this slogan entails important concepts which are consistent with the efforts exerted by the Palestinian companies. Further, we continue our support because our primary concern is the consumer satisfaction and competition, not only at the Palestinian market level, but also at the global level, as we brought international brands to be produced in Palestine by Palestinians who proved their competence and professionalism”.  


Mr. al-Hindi asserted that the food safety is a matter of concern for everyone, and we realize our role as producers, and that food safety is a shared responsibility among the governments, producers, and consumers, where every party has a role in such efforts, from the farm to the dinner table, to ensure that the food we consume is safe and hygienic.


Mr. al-Hindi affirmed that NBC and Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia” adhere to the food safety standards across all the production, storage, and transport operations, in addition to their commitment to the Palestinian and international standards toward providing safe and high-quality products which the Palestinian consumers deserve.


He added: “We contribute to enhancing the food sector by providing the local market with diverse products and wide selections, by introducing world-class quality products, including dairy, milk, and cheese products, relying on the cow farms in Palestine, and the Palestinian workforce and competence”.  


Mr. al-Hindi expressed his pride in the partnership with the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection for the third year in the commemoration and organization of the WFSD events, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health and the relevant ministries. “This partnership and sponsorship are no accident, yet they represent an inevitable consequence of similar practices performed by the industries in general, and NBC in particular, from the farm to the consumer’s dinner table, which is a significant challenge which we handled competently, as Palestine does not control the entire food chain, as it includes some imported and ready-to-eat (RTE) products which are brought from different markets, however, we managed to develop a complete vision in order to procure the components of such a chain”, said Mr. al-Hindi.


In turn, Barhoush said: “The Ministry of Health took it upon itself to ensure prevention of food-borne diseases, which would ensure the food hygiene and safety by applying the food safety control plan”.


In turn, Haniyeh emphasized the importance of enhancing the consumer food awareness by introducing awareness-raising plans in the field of food safety and changing of their behavioral patterns by avoiding food that undermines the citizens’ safety and health, especially the fast and ready-to-eat food and meals, and shifting to the homemade healthy food.


“The responsibility for consumer’s food safety is assumed by all the partner and relevant entities as part of the national strategy for food safety through the control of the quality of products and raw materials brought to the local market so as to maintain the safety of the citizens”, said Haniyeh. At the same time, Haniyeh commended the products made in Palestine which managed to compete with the imported products and match their quality in the local market, in addition to the ability to penetrate the Arab and international markets.