National Beverage Company to support the “Student Company” program of INJAZ Palestine

Beituniya- Alhaya Economy- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) offered sponsorship to INJAZ Palestine’s “Student Company” program by providing educational and training materials for more than 300 students in 6 universities and 5 schools of various governorates nationwide. The program is performed by INJAZ Palestine Institution, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, and a number of private companies and banks. It aims at developing the practical and leadership skills of the young generations.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, appraised INJAZ Palestine’s efforts and role of promoting the concept of giving and voluntary work, enhancing and developing the students’ entrepreneurial abilities, and enabling the students to manage knowledge to create new careers that would diminish unemployment rates, provide opportunities, and  open up promising horizons for new entrepreneurship projects, in addition to the responsibility which INJAZ Palestine has taken upon itself many years ago to train and qualify school and university students for the labor market.


Mr. al-Hindi emphasized the in-depth partnership between NBC and INJAZ Palestine, out of its faith in the importance of supporting the students and the youth to advance their theoretical and practical skills, to be able to assume leadership tasks and positions, in addition to developing their ability to innovate in creating concepts for the management of entrepreneurship projects in the future, and encouraging them to volunteer and be proactive in order to become active in serving their society.


On her part, Rania Quttaineh, General Manager of INJAZ Palestine, valued the support and sponsorship presented by NBC to provide training and educational materials for the Student Company program, which constitutes an incentive to further progress and implement INJAZ Palestine’s qualitative programs. Quttaineh asserted the importance of the private sector in supporting and developing the future generations and opening up economic horizons for them in the future.

“We have a long-standing strategic and cooperation relationship with NBC, and we take pride in this relationship which is intended to boost the students’ abilities and provide them with training programs and aptitudes required for the rise of our society”, said Quttaineh.


Quttaineh asserted that the program aims at providing an outstanding practical experience to the secondary and university students which would help them in their self-exploration and to explore their inherent ambitions and the different opportunities in the labor market by establishing and managing entrepreneurship companies under the support and supervision of experienced advisers and volunteers.


She added: “The program further contributes to enhancing the youth skills in different academic disciplines by providing a series of educational and economic practical training programs in order to be able to enter the entrepreneurship business. Moreover, the Student Company program is one of the most important programs of INJAZ Palestine, and it falls under the “Entrepreneurship” pillar, and its activities continue for one year, where students across different schools and universities establish real companies with limited capitals and with all the administrative, financial, and marketing details, and they manage these companies through 5 key departments in addition to a general manager. At the end of the program, a national competition is organized where the student companies compete for the “Best Student Company” title, and the winner is qualified to participate in the regional competition organized by INJAZ Al-Arab across 13 Arab countries”