National Beverage Company fits a children’s garden with sunshades in Ramallah


Ramallah - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy, and Al-Tayf Food Products Company (Candia) provided and fitted sunshades for the garden of Al-Nahda Women's Association, across the street from Ramallah Municipality’s Park, to provide an appropriate environment for the children with special needs playing in the garden yard and to protect them from the sun's emissions in summer.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and Manager Al-Taif Food Products Company (Candia), expressed his happiness for completing the installation of sunshades in the yards of the garden, which would provide comfort and safe environment for children with special needs as well as to protect them from the summer heat.

Mr. al-Hindi confirmed that NBC is concerned with supporting charities, including institutions that take care of children with special needs by fulfilling their needs and all their requirements, in order to help and empower such institutions to properly perform their duties toward this segment of the society that is in need of our attention and necessary care.

Mr. al-Hindi praised the effective role and great efforts exerted by Al Nahdha Women Society to secure and take care of the children under its sponsorship. This is in addition to the various programs that the Society provides, including mental health programs, and social support.  He hoped that the sunshades will help utilizing new spaces to organize more activities and various events.

On their part, the Society’s Chairperson, Daad Jubran, her deputy, Nadia Mosleh, and all members of the Management Board, expressed their appreciation for this generous gesture from NBC, as its contribution to providing sunshades for the Society’s children so they can play in a safe and comfortable environment, away from the hazards of exposure to the sun.

 The Society’s Manager, George Al Rantisi, also expressed his thanks to NBC for its care for this group of people with special needs.  He stressed the importance of participation of those children with special needs in the activities and events organized by the Society. He hoped that such support would continue in order to ensure success for the Society’s work towards the local community.