National Beverage Company sponsors the supply of lighting requirements for the playground of Atarah Club


Beitunia – The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NCB) sponsored the supply of lighting requirements for the playground of Atarah Club.  The sponsorship is in line with NBC social responsibility and continuous support for sports clubs.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, the General Manager of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and Muhammad Khamis, President of the Atarah Sports Club in the presence of Nasr Al Attari, Head of Atarah Municipality and Alaa Esawi, the Technical Coordinator at NBC.

Mr. al-Hindi expressed his pride of the partnership between NBC and Atarah Sports Club whereby NBC contributes to providing necessary support for the Club in terms of supplying the lighting requirements for the playground of the Club.

He praised the role of the Club for sponsoring and caring for the Youth and for its continuous endeavor in the development of different sports activities, thus, help ensure the advancement of the Club. “Supporting sports clubs in all governorates of Palestine, including supporting the Youth, comes within the priorities and interests of the NBC to support and care for the various sports institutions to help them fully play their roles towards the local community”, he added.

Mr. al-Hindi called on the various organizations, including the NGOs and the private sector, to contribute to sponsoring, empowering and supporting clubs and sports teams to help them fulfil their responsibilities in create an athletic, hardworking and strong generation comprising the different ages as well as to enable the Youth to refine and develop their talents in addition to building their physical abilities.

On his part, Mr. Khamis expressed thanks to NBC and its General Manager Mr. Imad al-Hindi, for their continuous support to sports institutions and clubs, including the supply of lighting requirements for Atarah Club, thus, enhancing the sports activities of the Club and developing its capabilities. He hoped NBC would continue to support the Club in all aspects in the future.

On his part, Mr. al-Atari commended the efforts of  NBC and its infinite commitment to support the NGOs nationwide, especially the sports clubs in particular, in light of the hard circumstances experienced by the clubs because of Covid-19 Pandemic that adversely affected the clubs and their activities.