National Beverage Company donates sport supplies and sportswear for Anza Sports Club

Beitunia – The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) donated sport supplies and sportswear for the junior football team of Anza Sports Club. This was in the context of the Company's efforts to support local clubs and empower young people in the various sports venues.


 Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC expressed his pride in cooperating with Anza Sports Club by providing support to the junior football team. Mr. al-Hindi praised the tremendous efforts by the Club and the players to upgrade the team’s level.  He also stressed the importance of reaching out to local clubs and sports teams, especially in remote areas, to support the young and emerging talents on which the Palestinian sports rely and to improve the level of technical performance.


 Mr. al-Hindi wished for the Club more progress, development, success and achievement of good results in the local tournaments and leagues, stressing the keenness of the Company’s management to embrace emerging clubs and teams, and contribute to the refinement of sports talents and encourage endeavors.


 On his part, Mr. Abdul Rahman Obaid said that the support of NBC means a great deal to the players of the new team, especially with the start of their participation in the youth league which started recently, thanking the Company’s management and rapid response in order to meet the needs of the team. Mr. Obaid added “We are very pleased with the support of NBC, which is one of the most important national companies that provides care to clubs and participates with sports teams in different provinces and cities.” Obaid also expressed his hope that the Club will continue to support the various clubs and institutions of the private sector in order to complete the club's march and raise its capabilities and enhance the level of sports that the Club embraces, especially football, basketball and the volleyball.