National Beverage Company supplies air-conditioners to Beit Al-Ajdad for Elderly Care Centre at Jericho


Beitunia -Al-Hayat Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) supplied Beit Al-Ajdad for Elderly Care Centre at Jericho, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development, with five air-conditioners in the residents’ rooms at the Centre which receives elderly people from all governorates countrywide.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, affirmed that such donation from NBC is in line with the support provided to the social institutions which serve various groups and it constitutes a part of the continuous cooperation between NBC and the government authorities concerned with provision of community services to the citizens. He added that serving our elderly fathers and mothers within the elderly care centers is one of NBC’s priorities in line with its commitment to its community which NBC seeks to fulfill in favor of all the social groups, especially the marginalized and less-privileged groups.


Mr. al-Hindi added: “NBC installed air-conditioners in the Centre to mitigate the hot weather conditions in Palestine, especially in Jericho, during the summer.  He affirmed that NBC Management is pleased with the mutual and continuous cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development aiming at improving the services presented to our people in all the cities and governorates which have elderly care centers and orphanages as well as institutions which cater for persons with disabilities.


On his part, Mohamed Bsharat, Director of Beit Al-Ajdad for Elderly Care Centre, commended NBC’s contribution installing five air-conditioners in the Centre which had a significant role mitigating the hot weather conditions during the summer. Air-conditioners were installed in five rooms where each room serves 4 persons. He noted that the cost of replacing air-conditioners which drain quickly due to the severe hot weather conditions in Jericho every six years was a liability on the Center’s budget.


Bsharat valued NBC’s prompt response supplying the air-conditioners to the Center and NBC Management’s confidence in the Center. He affirmed that the Management of Beit Al-Ajdad for Elderly Care Centre considers NBC Management as a key partner in view of the mutual cooperation between both parties over the past years. He also appreciated the role performed by NBC staff and their cooperation to complete the mission as required and on time.


It is worth noting that Beit Al-Ajdad for Elderly Care Centre, which was founded in Jericho in 1955, serves approximately 65 persons from all the Palestinian cities and governorates, and it aims at providing social and psychological support for the elderly people by providing different care programs, including free shelters and home-based services for the elderly people who experience challenging economic and social conditions.