For the third year in a row, National Beverage Company Presents 600 Eco-friendly Boxes and 1000 Bags to Ommar El Ard Foundation's” Recycle a Paper Save a Trees” Project

Ramallah- Al-Hayat Economic- TheNational Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the Recycle a Paper, save a Tree Project, which was launched in 2014 by Ommar El Ard Foundation (Revivers of Land of Palestine) which focus on implementing initiatives to preserve the environment. NBC funded the printing and procurement of boxes and bags used to collect the paper waste to be destroyed in a safe and eco-friendly manner.


The project, which will be implemented for one year, encompasses distribution of boxes and bags to collect paper waste from the government entities, ministries, NGOs, private businesses, schools, universities, and print houses. For the third consecutive year, NBC provided Ommar El Ard with 600 boxes to collect and recycle the paper waste and 1000 eco-friendly bags to be distributed on the institutions and to recycle the paper in cooperation with a paper recycling factory in Jericho as the paper waste represents approximately 10% of total waste in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, emphasized the importance of this project which is still pays off since its inception and the importance the support provided by NBC to the project which is very devoted to protect the environment from paper waste. He noted that for decades, NBC has been dedicated to implement and support projects and activities related to the recycling of the waste produced by its factories, including plastic and paper waste, among others, and reuse and benefit from the same through recycling, in cooperation with a number of schools, academic institutions, and civil society organizations.


Mr. al-Hindi added: “We have a long-standing relationship with Ommar El Ard and we take pride in such relationship and seek to maintain it. NBC’s objectives and strategy which aim at maintaining a clean and pollution-free environment in Palestine convergewiththe key objective of Ommar El Ard which continues organizing its environmental initiatives on an annual basis”. He commended the persons responsible for the “Save Trees, Recycle Paper” Project for their efforts and the entities partaking in the project, such as the government and private entities, schools, municipalities, and banks.


Mr. al-Hindi noted that protecting the environment and leaving a healthy earth to the next generations is the responsibility of all the citizens in different positions, as well as the companies, factories, and institutions, and constitutes a part of the social responsibility which we must assume to maintain a healthy and disease-free environment.


On her part, Sumiraa Al-Qadi, Manager of Participants Section at Ommar El Ard, valued the efforts of NBC and presentation of eco-friendly boxes and bags. She added that distributing the boxes on the different institutions, authorities, and ministries has a positive and wide impact promoting the concept of the project and raising the awareness about the culture of “waste segregation at the source” where over 1700 tons of paper waste were destroyed since the introduction of the project despite the obstacles and poor environmental awareness in the society.


Al-Qadi said that since 2014 and to date a total of 2200 boxes of different sizes and 2000 eco-friendly bags were placed in the institutions in cooperation with NBC to segregate the paper waste from other waste types. She explained that Ommar El Ard managed to cover the area of the Governorate of Ramallah & Al-bireh and Jerusalem suburbs in addition to the collection sites which are gradually spreading in some of the northern and southern governorates. She also indicated that Ommar El Ard cooperates with the cleaners through the municipalities and organizes awareness workshop for the schools to reduce the use of paper and to promote the environmental awareness.