National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy organizes a Blood Donation Day for its Staff in cooperation with the National Blood Bank

Ramallah- Alhayat Economics- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) organized a blood donation day at its headquarters at Beitunia, in cooperation with the National Blood Bank where many of the employees and staff of the administrative and technical departments donated their blood.
The blood donation by NBC staff was carried out in accordance with the World Health regulations in the presence of representatives of the National Blood Bank. NBC organized the blood donation day as part of its commitment to reinforce the positive role of its staff to serve the best interest of their communities and out of its commitment to its humane and social responsibility.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, confirmed that NBC is pleased to contribute to boost the noble human thought represented in the culture of voluntary blood donation for its great role.  He said that the lives of the patients and the injured and sustaining the life. Further, blood donation is healthy as it protects the heart and body of the donator and lowers the chances of having heart diseases.
Mr. al-Hindi added that he was pleased with the turnaround and interaction of NBC staff to take part in this campaign which is a sign of enjoying complete cultural awareness about the importance of donating blood, which is the elixir of life bestowed by God to the humans to share it with their fellow humans. He affirmed NBC’s commitment to regularly take part in the blood donation campaigns being as an integral part of its social responsibility toward the various groups of the community to instill hope in the spirits of the patients.
Mr. al-Hindi appreciated the efforts of the Central Blood Bank Management and staff to provide sufficient, safe, and sustainable blood supplies of various blood types to the patients across the treatment facilities. He also valued the partnership between the Blood Bank and the private institutions by organizing such initiative in order to become an active partner in the awareness-raising campaigns aiming at boosting the culture of voluntary donation.  
On her part, Karmal Yassin, Manager of Public Relations & Campaigns at the National Blood Bank, emphasized that the blood donation day organized at NBC comes in line with the campaign organized by the Bank to promote the culture of voluntary blood donation, aside from the idea of donating blood to the relatives and friends, or only to cover the cases of emergency. She pointed out that the blood units collected are used for the patients of thalassemia, cancer, kidney diseases, and all other patients across the hospitals.


Yassin added that the voluntary blood donation campaign targets all the healthy citizens to voluntarily and constantly donate their blood for the patients. She commended NBC for cooperating with the National Blood Bank and for its relentless pursuits to take part in the blood donation campaigns. She noted that this is not the first experience with NBC staff, in addition to the water and juice supplies provided by NBC to the donators.