National Beverage Company Co-sponsors the charitable dinner ceremony of the project of supporting patients who are not medically insured

Ramallah-Alhaya Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the charitable dinner party organized by the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network, under the patronage of President Mahmoud Abbas, for the benefit of its project to support the underprivileged and marginalized patients who are not medically insured in East Jerusalem, at Millennium Hotel, Ramallah.
NBC served as a diamond co-sponsor of the party with 25,000 dollars. The party was attended by members of the NBC Board of Directors, led by Zahi Khouri, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mrs. Dina El Masry, Vice-Chairman.
Khouri said he is proud of NBC’s contribution to the project of supporting the marginalized patients. He affirmed that such sponsorship comes in line with the support provided by NBC to the humanitarian projects which directly serve the community and aim at financing the marginalized individuals, especially in Jerusalem which faces special circumstances.
Mrs. Dina El Masry called upon the private sector institutions to provide further support and funding to the project which finances the patients who are not medically insured. She noted that the group targeted by the project needs support from everyone and they must have full care and attention.  El Masry wished the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network further success reaching its desired goal which is to provide the patients who face challenging social and economic conditions with sustainable support.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manger of NBC, applauded the remarkable professional medical and humanitarian role assumed by the hospitals in Jerusalem, including Almakassed Hospital, Augusta Victoria Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, St. John Eye Hospital, Princess Basma Center, and the Red Crescent Hospital, which receive thousands of patients from all governorates countrywide and provide them with diverse medical services in all specializations, in addition to the qualitative medical achievements they attain.  Mr. al-Hindi added that NBC believes that its duty is to continue supporting and sponsoring the hospitals in Jerusalem for its unique character in the patriot and professional aspects, in addition to participating in funding the project of supporting the patient who are not medically insured which comes in line with NBC strategy aiming at aiding the marginalized and underprivileged groups.


During the ceremony, an announcement was made that an amount of about 250,000 Dollars was donated by a number of donors.  The funds were collected through the public auction which sold a number of paintings created by the most reputed Palestinian plastic artists.