Ramallah Municipality and National Beverage Company sign an agreement to rehabilitate the floor of IBSA Sports Hall

[Photo caption: photo of IBSA Hall]
Ramallah - Alayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and Ramallah Municipality signed an agreement to rehabilitate the floor of IBSA Sports Hall with the implementing company.  NBC will fund the costs of rehabilitating the floor of IBSA Hall, one of IBSA Centre Sports Facilities, at Ramallah Recreational Complex, in accordance with the funding agreement signed between NBC and Ramallah Municipality last March.
The objective of the Agreement is to provide the appropriate infrastructure in conformity with the international standards for the athletes from Ramallah and different cities and governorates across the country. IBSA Hall represents a vital part of the Ramallah Recreational Complex that host various types of sports activities.
Eng. Moussa Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah Municipality, considered such support as a part of the social responsibility which Ramallah Municipality seeks to reinforce with the partnering organizations, including NBC as Ramallah Municipality cherish its relationship with NBC in supporting the rehabilitation of IBSA floor. He emphasized that such good initiative demonstrated by NBC affirms the mutual cooperation toward serving the city and its population, along with the users of its services. He also noted that the sports hall at Ramallah Recreational Complex has become the destination of many organizations to hold their activities and events.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC confirmed that “such agreement is signed in line with the continuous partnership between NBC and Ramallah Municipality to develop the services delivered at Ramallah city to meet the needs and aspirations of our people in Ramallah city and its visitors who come from different governorates”. Mr. al-Hindi said that he holds valued the continuous partnership with Ramallah Municipality which attained many achievements and introduced the advanced services in consistency with the importance of Ramallah city which hosts different public, private, non-governmental, and international organizations.
Mr. al-Hindi added that NBC is committed to support all the efforts and initiatives aiming at developing sports in Palestine and providing the appropriate environment to support the athletes and provide them with the equipment and infrastructure needed to refine the abilities and skills of the Palestinian youth and junior athletes in order to take off to compete locally and internationally, especially that Palestine is rich in the sporting abilities and the athletes who raised the name of Palestine high in the sports events at the national, regional, and international levels.
IBSA Sports Hall is a part of IBSA Sports Center which was opened at Ramallah Recreational Complex in 2011 and it is the product of partnership between Ramallah Municipality, India, Brazil, and South Africa (IBSA Forum) and the UNDP.  IBSA Sports Hall contains a multipurpose 1010 m2 playground designed according to the international standards to serve a range of sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, football, gymnastics, and other sports. IBSA also contains a stadium with an approximate capacity of 400 viewers.