National Beverage Company Donates Office Furniture and Equipment to the Diabetic Patients Friends Association in Tulkarem

Toulkarem- Al-Hayat Al-Jadida- the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) presented office furniture and equipment to the Diabetic Patients Friends Association (LIFE) which is preparing to launch its permanent office in Tulkarem governorate to serve the diabetic patients from the governorate and other governorates.
The donated items include office supplies and furniture to meet some of the Association’s needs.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, emphasized that such support to LIFE came in line with NBC’s commitment to its social responsibility toward the Palestinian people, especially in the context of supporting the nongovernmental and community institutions and associations, and serving of the different groups everywhere. He emphasized NBC’s attention to support the patients of diabetes in Palestine and learn their needs, especially the diabetic children, amidst the hardships facing the limited-income families to incur the cost of treatment.
Mr. al-Hindi said that NBC’s contribution stems from the important role and duty of the private sector interacting with the diabetic patients and supporting the institutions which cater for them and organize specialized awareness campaigns regarding diabetes which is widely spreading in the society.  Mr. al-Hindi praised the role performed by the Diabetic Patients Friends Association which is a humanitarian association that provides medical and awareness services to the diabetic patients and alleviates the financial and logistic burdens endured by the patients to make the necessary tests.
Mr. Mohamed Badran, President of the Diabetic Patients Friends Association, valued NBC’s donation to furnish the Association, praising its prompt response and support. He extended thanks to NBC, saying: “it was one of the first national companies which provided support so that the Association can take a paramount first step finding a permanent office to facilitate its functioning and provide a specialized ambulance for the diabetic foot disease which requires regular and extensive follow-up.
Mr. Badran noted that LIFE, which was established back in 2011 by a group of persons, provides awareness and educational services to the diabetic patients, especially the children and youth patients of type 1 diabetes. He added that LIFE seeks to qualify and educate the youth of both genders about diabetes in order to embrace a cause.
LIFE also seeks to build up their awareness about their labor rights and to discuss the social issues which face the diabetic girls who are entering into marriage. LIFE also works on boosting the culture of volunteer action among the youth through networking with the nongovernmental institutions and field work by organizing educational sessions in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education.