National Beverage Company honors its employees during a dinner reception in the occasion of its 20th Anniversary

Ramallah- Al-Hayat Economic- On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) organized a ceremony and a dinner reception party to honor its employees and staff across its branches and factories in the West Bank. The event was attended by Mr. Zahi Khouri, NBC Chairman and Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC.
NBC employees were honored during the dinner reception organized at the Millennium Hotel in Ramallah. NBC Board of Directors honored hundreds of employees who work in NBC branches and 3 factories; namely Jericho Mineral Water Factory in JerichoCappy Natural Juice Factory in Tulkarm, and Coca-Cola in Ramallah. Another honoring ceremony and a dinner will be organized for the NBC employees in Gaza Strip on Monday at Lighthouse Hotel.  In his speech, Mr. Zahi Khouri said he is deeply proud of the excellent position of NBC after 20 years of its inception, thanks to its diligent employees who achieved consecutive successes. He said: “Today, we celebrate you and your generous efforts which set an example of turning dreams into reality despite the challenges”.
Mr. Khouri extended sincere thanks to each and every employee in NBC for their efforts and loyalty to create a better reality in Palestine.
Mr. Khouri reviewed the journey of NBC which was founded by a Palestinian capital and people. It has sustained its success introducing diverse world-class products to become one of the leading economic models in Palestine and an inspiration for many, especially those who hesitate to take a step toward investing in the country. He emphasized the importance of investing in the unflinching Palestinian people. He indicated that the successful journey of NBC is a consequence of the will of the Palestinian people who love life and hold onto hope. Coinciding with its 20th anniversary, NBC celebrated hosting of the original World Cup Trophy at its headquarters at Beitunia as part of the international World Cup Tour in anticipation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.  Mr. Khouri said: “While we celebrate the anniversary of our company and our family in NBC, we are honored to host the original World Cup Trophy for the second time which boosts the achievements of NBC and its employees”.
In his speech, Mr. Khouri recalled the opening of NBC factory in Gaza about a year ago. He affirmed that it stems from an intense desire to contribute in driving the development process and life in Gaza Strip, and provide employment opportunities for hundreds of Gazan population, hopefully to improve the living conditions, help boosting the economy in Gaza and perform community projects, and support the population of Gaza.
On his part, Mr. Imad al-Hindi congratulated NBC employees for the achievements made by the company over the years. He extended his appreciation and gratitude to NBC family. “We take pride in NBC’s achievements in the past twenty years, thanks to your devotion. Such excellent track record of NBC through its 20-year journey is the product of your dedicated efforts where NBC now leads the beverages sector in Palestine and is the third largest Palestinian company in terms of employment. Today, NBC has more than 660 employees in direct jobs in addition to 6600 employees in indirect jobs through the network of distributors and retailers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip”, added Mr. al-Hindi.
Mr. al-Hindi said that NBC is committed to introduce the pride of Palestinian industry with Palestinian arms. Today, NBC takes off to farer and wider horizons to meet the expectations of the Palestinian consumers who deserve premium quality products. Further, NBC continues its steps to contribute in enhancing the national economy and harnessing its capabilities to support the Palestinian society and take part in the advancement of vital sectors; such as the education, health, environment, support of the Palestinian children, support the efforts of Palestinian women empowerment, and encourage the youth to be pioneers to creatively draw a better future for generations to come.
Mr. al-Hindi added: “The success of any economic or social project, especially in Palestine cannot continue without embracing the teamwork spirit and the will which distinguish the Palestinians. At NBC we built this structure with you and we will continue our achievements and support of our society”
Mr. al-Hindi affirmed that since its inception NBC Management has always been keen to provide a healthy and proper work environment for the employees, adopting the international general safety standards, providing training courses and workshops to advance the employees’ capacities and administrative and technical expertise so that they can continue working, innovating, and excelling.