Honoring their Roles on the 20th Anniversary National Beverage Company Organize a Dinner Reception for the Retailers, Distributers, and Suppliers

Ramallah- Al-Hayat Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) organized a dinner reception at the Millennium Hotel at Ramallah to honor its network of retailers, distributers, and suppliers on the occasion of its 20th Anniversary. The event coincides with the World Cup Trophy hosting event for the second time in Palestine just before the launch of the 2018 FIFA World Cup championship in Russia.
Zahi Khouri, Chairman of NBC, Mrs. Dina El-Masry, Vice-Chairman, and Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC welcomed the guests of retailers, disturbers, and suppliers. Mr. al-Hindi said he takes pride in the partnership held between NBC and its network of retailers, disturbers, and suppliers. He indicated that such network is one of the cornerstones of NBC success story and continuity.
Mr. al-Hindi affirmed that 20 years of achievements culminate the efforts of NBC’s network of retailers, disturbers, and suppliers and partners in different parts countrywide. Such network contributed in boosting the presence of NBC’s premium quality products in the Palestinian market. Today, the local market represents one of the biggest bases of the consumers of soft drinks and natural juices as well as mineral water at the regional level.
Mr. al-Hindi added: “NBC’s customers have always been a part of its journey and success story which grows day after day”. Mr. al-Hindi affirmed that NBC’s achievements over two decades would have never been possible without the contribution of the retailers, distributers, and suppliers supporting the national product and the Palestinian economy notwithstanding the conditions and challenges.” Mr. al-Hindi considered them as the field arm which enhances NBC’s presence in the local market.
“Such wide availability of NBC’s products in hundreds of points of sale countrywide is a remarkable proof of the important role performed by the retailers and distributors who are partners to NBC delivering world-class products made in Palestine to different regions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Further, they help delivering NBC’s mission contributing in the economic and social development with the efforts of NBC’s employees and under a strong partnership with its network of retailers, distributers, and suppliers across the governorates. NBC will go for further options and premium quality products and under partnership and integration with the retailers, distributers, and suppliers who are present in all parts nationwide”, affirmed Mr. al-Hindi.