Covering the Football, Tennis, the Deaf and Basketball Teams National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy provides comprehensive sponsorship for the Teams of Hilal Al-Quds Club of Jerusalem

Beitunia – Al-Hayat Sports - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy signed an agreement of comprehensive sponsorship for the sports teams of Hilal Al-Quds Club in Jerusalem. Under this agreement, the main sponsorship for the first team will be provided in the Palestinian Super Cup.  NBC will also sponsor the team in the professional league as a second sponsorship, in addition to sponsor the Deaf Football Team, the girls’ basketball and table tennis teams.
The Agreement was signed in NBC headquarters, in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, NBC General Manager and Diaa Al-Shuwaiki, Hilal Al-Quds Club Secretary. The sponsorship will include NBC funding for all the team related supplies and sportswear, which will bear the slogans of “Coca-Cola”, “Cappy” and “Sprite”.
In this context, Mr. Imad al-Hindi expressed pride in NBC sponsorship and support for Hilal Al-Quds Club's football team, which will play with the Omani football team "Al-Suwaiq” on Monday, 29th January, in the preliminary round match of the AFC Cup, in the name of Palestine. Mr. al-Hindi wished best of luck for Hilal Al-Quds Club in its coming match against the Omani team, stressing his confidence in the team management and its players who enjoy high level of professionalism, tact, discipline and spirit of sport.
Mr. al-Hindi also praised Hilal Al-Quds Club achievements throughout the recent years, the most important of which is being awarded the Champion title in the Professional League and the Palestinian Super Cup in the last season. Moreover, he indicated that NBC sponsors Hilal Al-Quds Club along with its support for the leading and emerging local teams and clubs, highlighting that NBC is proud of its partnership with Jerusalem team, and that it is keen on providing the largest possible support for Jerusalem institutions which empower male and female young people in Jerusalem, contribute to their inclusion and refine their talents. 
Al-Hindi explained that, through its support for the deaf football team, NBC is also seeking to ensure that athletes with disabilities receive the moral and material care they deserve, thanks to their will, determination and excellence. This comes in line with NBC strategy to reach all classes and categories and to merge people with special needs into the various vital sectors within their communities. He also talked about NBC commitment to support women in individual and group games, and to empower women to continue to highlight their important role in local and regional sporting events.


On his part, Diaa Al-Shuwaiki referred to the team management's pleasure to enter into agreement with NBC, and expressed his thanks and appreciation to NBC for this generous initiative. He added "Jerusalem really deserves this agreement which represents a national and strategic duty to care for its young people. The agreement is stipulated in a timely manner as the Club is trying to maintain high performance and look for real strategic partners committed to their social responsibility to support the Club in its future plans. This is one of the unique features of NBC and hopefully the teams will assume the responsibility as expected."