National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy renews sponsorship of the Football School of Abu Dis Sport Youth Club

[Photo Caption:  Mr. Al-Hindi and Bahr after signing the agreement]
Ramallah-Alayyam- the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) renewed its sponsorship of the Football School of Abu Dis Sport Youth Club to provide all sport supplies and equipment required for training.  All such supplies and equipment carry the Coca-Cola logo.
The agreement signing ceremony took place at NBC headquarters in Beitunia and was attended by Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, Zeyad Bahr, President of Abu Dis Sport Youth Club, Nasser Abu Hilal, Manager of Abu Dis Sport Youth Club, in addition to Alaa Esawi representing NBC.
Mr. al-Hindi expressed NBC’s pride of the continued partnership with Abu Dis Sport Youth Club by renewing the sponsorship of its Football School.  He affirmed the importance of sport schools in advancing the talents of youngsters and junior footballers and providing them with the necessary training, which contributes to boosting their psychological and physical health.  He asserted that NBC intends to continue sponsoring the local clubs and football schools which actively pay attention to the youth groups toward empowering the Palestinian youth athletes.
Mr. al-Hindi added: “NBC Management is proud and pleased to present support and sponsorship to the sports clubs in Jerusalem in particular which suffer obstacles and hardships on the ground, which sometimes hinder the athletes’ mobility in Jerusalem including amateurs and players making them unable to reach the training locations in addition to the limited financial capabilities and poor support”. He considers the sponsorship of the sports events in Jerusalem as a national and professional duty upheld by NBC.
On his part, Mr. Bahr said that NBC sponsorship of the Football School is a key factor in the continuity of the school which includes 60 children of football amateurs of ages ranging between 8 and 12 years. Bahar values the initiative of NBC, represented in its r General Manager Mr. Imad al-Hindi, to provide all sport supplies including sport clothing, shoes, and training equipment which are expensive.
Bahr added that through the Football School affiliated to the Club, the Management seeks to discover the distinctive sport talents and mainstream them later in the classified teams. He indicated that professional and approved coaches oversee the training activities conducted on Abu Dis grassy field.