At the Level of Eurasia and Africa ...... For the second time: The Coca-Cola International awards National Beverage Company the Best Environmental Performance Award 2015

Ramallah- Alhayat Economic- For the second time, the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) receives the Best Environmental Performance Award at the level of bottler companies affiliated to The Coca-Cola International in Eurasia and Africa group during the ceremony of the Groups Sustainability Award held in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.
NBC was granted the award in appreciation of its efforts and commitment to environmental practices in its plants and at the level of its commercial and community activities. NBC earned the award as it outperformed 96 companies affiliated to Coca-Cola Global, operating in Eurasia and Africa regions as per the award criteria, which included observing the principles of rationalization the use of energy and water, recycling and environment conservation.
Mr. Zahi Khouri, Chairman of NBC, expressed his pride of this achievement which is added to the track record of NBC's successive achievements at the regional level. He considered the award as a new proof of the position and robustness of the Palestinian industry at the regional level. Mr. Khouri said: "I dedicate this achievement to NBC family of the administrative and technical teams who did excellent work and performance over the past years and to their families and children as well as the Palestinian people and leadership. We are proud to contribute to the glory of the Palestinian industry and product and to raise the name of Palestine despite all the surrounding challenges and hard conditions we are going through."
Mr. Khouri added that this new achievement was recorded for the company, which kept its promise and commitment to present products of high quality and fine taste to the Palestinian consumer who always looks forwards to the best as well as its adherence with the environment sustainability criteria in its factories in Ramallah, Jericho, Tulkarm, and Gaza whereas NBC still proves its excellence every year topping the lists of The Coca-Cola International companies at the regional level. He also asserted that such achievement demonstrates the excellence of the Palestinian private sector companies despite all the conditions and it proves the ability of the Palestinian individual to deal with the challenges and adapt them to become opportunities opening new doors of excellence and innovation in work.
Mr. Khouri went on to say that NBC’s Board of Directors is keen to provide excellent Palestinian products and boost the culture and practices of quality and environment in different activities of the company as NBC has placed customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. He indicated that NBC commitment with the quality, sustainability, and environment conservation standards is in harmony with its strategic vision toward continuing investment and provision of sustainability cornerstones in order to contribute to supporting the national product and meet the needs of community development and promote the share of the Palestinian product in the local market in addition to contribute to providing employment opportunities for hundreds of the young people and reduce unemployment rates in the West Bank and Gaza Strip governorates.
On his part, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, expressed his happiness for winning this award for the second time as NBC received it in 2011 by outperforming 96 other companies operating in the region. He commended the efforts, persistence, and commitment of NBC teams and employees in the various plants and branches nationwide.
He added: "NBC continues its commitment with the environment and sustainability standards, whether in its plants or environmental and community practices, out of belief that active contribution to build the nation will not be completed without the completion of sustainability elements including maintaining quality and conserving the resources and the environment. NBC interpreted such commitment by abiding by the international standards in the rationalization of water and energy and environment conservation in addition to supporting the environmental community projects which contribute to promoting awareness in the local community about the importance of conserving the environment in Palestine.
Mr. al-Hindi pointed out that in line with NBC commitment to protect the environment, it continued implementing its plans and used the Palestinian expertise and modern technology to rationalize the consumption of water and energy and reduce the carbon emissions in its plants to alleviate pollution. He added that NBC is currently working on a project to install solar energy systems in its headquarters in Beitunia which would enable the optimum use of renewable energy sources and promote the culture of using the solar energy in the Palestinian institutions and plants which leads to boosting the abilities of the Palestinian economy and enabling it to advance, increase production, and reduce the costs.
Mr. al-Hindi continued that NBC continues its community projects to promote the culture of environment conservation by working under active partnerships with the concerned ministries, civil society institutions, municipalities, and the local agencies in various governorates such as launching the project of healthy and environment-friendly school in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Ramallah Municipality, and a number of public and private schools in order to encourage the students to protect the environment by recycling waste. Other efforts include supporting the environment awareness projects by printing out cultural and awareness raising publications, besides implementing waste recycling projects with a number of civil society institutions and women's associations in the Palestinian governorates.
It is worth mentioning that NBC received many global awards including the Sustainable Development Award at the level of packing companies affiliated to Coca-Cola in the Eurasia and Africa region in 2011 and 2013. Further, it earned the Community Empowerment Award for 2013 in addition to selecting Coca-Cola plant as the best plant that adopts environmental systems in 2011. Furthermore, NBC was selected as one of the top ten The Coca-Cola Interantional affiliates at the regional level for 2012 and 2014.
Moreover, NBC ranked first in terms of sales and marketing at the level of The Coca-Cola companies in the Middle East in 2014. NBC also received the Coca-Cola Middle East Golden Award for three successive years 2013, 2014, and 2015 as NBC Plant at Ramallah was selected as the best Plant at the level of The Coca-Cola plants in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf. NBC also passed the "Top Ten Challenge" in terms of power saving at the level of The Coca-Cola companies in the region for 2013. NBC was awarded many global awards and certificates for quality and conformity to the general safety and environment standards.