Sponsored by National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy, Ramallah Municipality launches the Healthy and Environment-Friendly Schools Program for 2016/2017

Hadid, Mayor of Ramallah, and Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC), signed an agreement to sponsor the program of Health and Environment-Friendly Schools for the year 2016-2017, which includes carrying out many environmental and health awareness activities with the students of Ramallah schools.

Eng. Hadid indicated that the program aims at taking steps to enhance the health and environmental awareness and support the effective management of various environmental resources, in addition to support and encourage prominent and pioneer contributions in the area of environment so as to support and enhance the environment and schools in the city.
Eng. Hadid extended thanks to NBC for sponsoring the program and to the institutions partnering with the Municipality; namely the Ministry of Education/ Ramallah and Al-Bireh and the program steering committee which includes the Palestinian Ministry of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), Jerusalem Water Undertaking for Ramallah and Al-Bireh region, Environment Quality Authority, the Palestinian Energy & Environment Research Center (PEC), the Joint Service Council for Solid Waste Management, the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network, Ministry of National Economy, the Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC), Juzoor for Health and Social Development, the Agricultural Directorate, MAAN Development Center, Revivers of the Land of Palestine,Mashjar Juthour, Right To Play Organization, Ramallah Health Directorate, Palestinian Civil Defence, and A.M. Qattan Foundation.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said that NBC Management is proud of sponsoring the Healthy and Environment-Friendly Schools Program, implemented by Ramallah Municipality. He emphasized that the adoption of health and environmental systems on the day to day practices among the youth in the Palestinian society is on top of NBC priorities.
“The school students are the first block in building the healthy and environment-friendly society, therefore, as private sector partners, we seek to look for the best programs and projects that boost the concept of preserving the environment and physical health of such students. Further, these sustainable programs which support the environment sector are consistent with NBC strategy which seeks to contribute to various environmental activities with long-term feasibility”, added al-Hindi.
Mr. Al-Hindi noted that NBC continues its partnership with many local institutions to implement environmental projects such as recycling of empty plastic cans and solid waste.
The plan of the program also includes a mechanism of focusing on the standards determined by the steering and assessment committee of the program such as performing activities that would boost the concept of health with the students, providing healthy food in the cafeteria, and management of solid waste. This includes performing excellent practical health and environmental activities targeting as many students as possible, including but not limited to, performing different activities that targets obese students, promoting healthy dietary, practicing of sports, and training them on the management of solid waste by using the safe and recyclable food containers and water flasks.
It is worth mentioning that the Health and Environment-Friendly Schools Program, organized by Ramallah Municipality, has recently received the Saudi Arabia for Environmental Management Award and the Arab Towns Organization’s Award in the area of environmental awareness award in Doha.