National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy Donates the Outfitting of the Pool at "Care and Development Association" at Amari Camp

Ramallah - The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) provided a donation to the Palestinian Association for Care and Development (Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Committee) at Al-Amaari Refugee Camp in Ramallah.  The donation included providing the Association with tools and equipment needed to operate the pool for physical therapy. The pool will contribute to the treatment of physically disabled people and will contribute to the treatment of motion disability diseases more effectively, particularly for patients with athlete fractions as well as patients who suffer strokes.
Mr. Imad al Hindi, General Manager of National Beverage Company, emphasized that continue to provide support to civil associations serving the disabled categories is a commitment by the Board of Directors and the management of the Company of its community responsibility toward people with special needs and the concerned associations in this category, especially in remote and marginalized areas where the inhabitants suffer limited income and poor capabilities  Mr. al Hindi added that the hydrotherapy pool project sponsored by the Palestinian Association for Care and Development of Al Amaari camp is a unique and commendable initiative in the service of motion disabilities and other patients, calling the management of the Company to respond immediately through the provision of its tools and supplies to complete the project.
"We are proud of the continued cooperation with charitable associations and civil society institutions for the benefit of all groups, and we seek the continuity in offering support in order to create sustainable development in all areas, and to motivate the persons who are responsible for leading and quality projects, especially those that are working on inclusion of people with disabilities in their communities, and giving them more hope for their treatment and education", Al Hindi added.
Mr. al-Hindi also noted that NBC will honor its ethical and patriotic commitment towards community empowerment of all categories and segments, and continue to support local institution projects and initiatives to bring about the desired change and development.
On his part, Mr. Ahmed Tamalieh expressed gratitude of the Association's management to the National Beverage Company for its initiative to equip such an expensive physical therapy pool. "We appreciate the assistance granted by the company's management in equipping such a high cost project, it is the first cooperation between the Association and the Company, and we hope for continued cooperation and support as usual from the company's management", Tamalieh said.
Tamalieh also stressed that the hydrotherapy pool will serve as an outlet for the patients and will give them muscular flexibility and relaxation, alleviating symptoms of cramping, facilitating joint mobility, and reducing the feeling of pain.


Tamalieh pointed out that the Palestinian Association for Care and Development is serving people with disabilities in the Amari refugee camp and the surrounding areas, and has about 350 disabled persons as members, in addition to provision of various recreational and outreach services to the local community groups of elderly people, children and youth, under the supervision of a number of highly qualified specialists and trainees.