National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors the participation of the American School of Palestine’s students in the Model United Nations Conference in Jordan

[Photo Caption:  The delegate of the American School of Palestine participating in the Conference]
Ramallah- “a life-changing experience and a challenge that refined my personality”, that’s how student Masah Melhem, from the American School of Palestine at Al-Bireh, described her participation with their colleagues in the Annual Model United Nations Conference organized by the King's Academy in Madaba, Jordan. The conference aims at familiarizing the students with the approach of discussions in the UN and its committees and to encourage them to have constructive dialogue and find solutions.
Masah added that she had an awesome experience participating in the sessions and forums that simulate the UN counterparts; especially that it enriched her personality and gave her the chance to represent an international cause before the participants in the conference. “I represented Syria in the UN and I had to be familiar with the issue I am going to address and to believe in my just cause also. I was responsible for the substance of my speeches and discussions presented to the participants in order to make my voice heard”, added Masah.
Her colleague, Kareem Hamouda, affirmed that the school team which comprises of five male students and three female students was more than ready to participate in the conference. They prepared themselves very well which helped them overcome the tension experienced before the conference.
Kareem added: “the stress started to go away and things become easier than the first sessions we participated in. Our self-confidence was boosted when we were received by the audience with admiration and when we obtained four awards among the top fourteen participants plus four awards for the “best representative” category.
Kareem says the experience was more than wonderful as he made new friends and got the opportunity to discuss global causes using the sound discussion methods. “What made me even happier was that I was able to speak for the Palestinian cause and represent my country while all the attendants were curious to listen, therefore, our 5-day participation in the conference expanded our horizons and helped us to reflect more on the issues of life and the political issues as well as to pursue creating a new hope for the Palestinian people” asserted Kareem.
Student Sami Amer described the Model UN Conference in which 400 students in the secondary education in Jordan, Palestine, and Pakistan participated, was organized. He said as participants they had to be fully prepared to give their speeches and represent their causes, in addition to addressing international causes which are irrelevant to them as part of the Model International Court of Justice such as the issue of the separation of Kurdistan region from Iraq.
Sami said: “this motivated me to search and learn more about the international issues which I was not familiar with and try to find solutions and make decisions about them. It was a very exciting and important experience despite the tension we felt in the beginning but our perfect readiness gave us a sense of comfort and confidence as we were reviewing the Arab and global news on a daily basis. This also enhanced our English reading, writing, and speaking skills”.
The students said they are very grateful for their school administration which gave them the opportunity to experience the participation in a conference that simulates the sessions of the UN, UN committees, and the International Court of Justice.
They also extended thanks to the Management of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC), which provided sponsorship for the third consecutive year and covered the expenses of their trip and accommodation in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Masah said: “It is a great thing to find people who provide you with the support and sponsorship to go through a life-changing experience and a participation that is worthy of the challenge and adventure”.
NBC sponsored the participation of the Palestinian students in the Model UN Conference out of its faith in the importance of encouraging refinement of their personal and leadership skills. Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, affirmed that embracing the students and sponsoring of their activities, which would boost their self-confidence and enhance their abilities representing the country and establishing a dialogue with others, translate NBC’s diligence to support the students and the youth toward developing their academic, cognitive, and cultural skills.
“We fully believe in the importance of the cultural and intellectual output and learning of the dialogue and problem solving approach which benefits the students and their community by contributing to create a generation which is aware of the challenges and capable of coming up with the solutions. In turn, we are proud of them and their determination and we congratulate them for obtaining the distinguishing participation award wishing them further success and innovation”, added al-Hindi.
Further, Mr. al-Hindi commended the efforts of the American School of Palestine Administration which always seeks to apply the extracurricular activities and programs which would enhance the students’ performance and prepare them optimally to create. He valued the efforts of all the teachers who spare no effort to raise a well-informed and well-read generation that can create a promising future.
Educator Areej Tayseer Farsakh, Director of the Model UN at the American School of Palestine, asserted that the school is keen to provide the students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and different skills by participating in such international model.
She added that the students are selected based on their academic performance and disciplined behaviour in the school as well as their active participation in the various activities. She indicated that the school hold a small conference to examine the abilities of the students who are highly motivated and enthusiastic to participate, in addition to the ability of establishing a dialogue and perform eloquent speaking as well as to represent themselves and their causes.
Farsakh noted that the recent participation reflected a remarkable advancement as compared with the past year, especially after the participating students received many awards during their excellent participation.
“We value the paramount sponsorship by NBC by paying the travel expenses for the American School of Palestine’s students to attend the Model UN Conference that contributes to enhancing the student personality, whereas assuming of the responsibility and engagement with new and different societies and cultures and diverse student communities lead to overcoming the sense of shyness, fear and creating a courageous and intellectually developed personality”, she added.