Organized by Rasid Centre and Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy sponsors a ceremony for the patients of the Dialysis and Oncology Departments

Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) sponsored the ceremony held for children and women patients of the Oncology and  Dialysis Departments at Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital at Nablus.  The ceremony was organized by Rasid Centre for Studies, Research and Social Solutions in cooperation with the Psychological and Social Support Unit at Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital with the aim of psychological discharge and to alleviate the suffering of children at the dialysis and cancer oncology departments at Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital.

The event targeted 30 cases of kidney patients of children of various age groups coming from different governorates nationwide in addition to 50 children at the child oncology clinic and oncology department of Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital. During the ceremony, valuable presents were distributed to the children as presents from NBC, including personal care items for children with cancer and winter covers for dialysis patients as they feel cold during the dialysis procedure.
Furthermore, the events included celebrating the birthday of a girl with cancer from Gaza before she undergo a bone marrow transplantation procedure on the same day and celebrating the marriage anniversary of a woman with cancer from Tulkarm to provide them with psychological support and relief.
In this context, Mr. Imad al-Hindi said: “With pleasure and pride, NBC provides its support to the psychological discharge event for the patients with kidney disease and oncology at Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital because we realize the importance of psychological support and lifting of the spirit of patients, especially the children, which contributes to alleviating their pains and help them respond to the treatment provided in the hospital. We also realize that patients need entertainment and recreation and we understand the anxiety they suffer during treatment. Therefore, we wanted to be with them and provide them with support as a family to give them warmth and smile”.
Mr. al-Hindi valued the initiative of Rasid Centre and Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital, which are in charge of this event, noting that such humane initiatives come in line with the integrated medical and treatment role played by the hospitals for the patients. He affirmed that medical treatment, psychological support, and social support are complemented to improve the patients’ ability to respond to the treatment.
Mr. al-Hindi added: “NBC is devoted to continue supporting and sponsoring the health and medical institutions as well as all civil society organizations, such as Rasid Centre for Studies, Research, and Social Solutions, which performs a paramount role in promoting the society and its institutions to assume their responsibility towards all social groups of patients, persons with disabilities, and children, as well as other groups who need special care”.
Randa Maqbool, Member of the Management Board at Rasid Centre, said that Rasid Centre’s management thanks and appreciates NBC which provides the necessary sponsorship for such noble humane events and initiatives, which have no economic and profit making purposes. Maqbool added: “We are pleased to have this first of its kind activity for Rasid Centre in cooperation with NBC, which sponsors numerous social and humane initiatives countrywide”.
She valued the role of Mr. Imad al-Hindi providing support and sponsorship and the understanding demonstrated by NBC Management of the importance of such activities to the patients which are performed through interactive and entertainment approaches and mechanisms. Maqbool also reported that the children patients, their families, and the medical and nursing staff are pleased with such humane gesture. She noted that such recreational events have a significant and clear impact relieving the patients, especially patients with cancer who undergo chemo sessions continuously, in addition to the dialysis patients whose treatment take months which leaves them with frustration and physical weakness.
Prof Dr. Selim El-Haj Yehia, Director of Al-Najah National Teaching Hospital, thanked NBC Board and Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, for such humane gesture hoping to continue supporting such activities.  He also thanked Rasid Centre for developing this initiative.