Having organized a series of Iftar Meals for Orphans during the Holy Month of Ramadan,

National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy  brings happiness to more than 500 Orphans across the West Bank and Gaza Strip
RAMALLAH – Al-Hayat: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) completed a series of Ramadan charitable Iftars (breakfasting meals) in cooperation with a number of orphan charities and associations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. This initiative came in line with the Company’s care for and commitment towards the Orphans in Palestine and a continuation of its initiative that aim at bringing happiness and hope to the life of the less fortunate children.
NBC organized several Iftars in many houses and shelters for Orphans across the West Bank and Gaza, which were concluded with an Iftar in Jenin for 100 kids, another for 130 at Hasad Al khair Charity in Gaza, in Jericho for 150 kids at the Orphan Care Association and finally an Iftar arranged by Sae’ir Local Zakat Committee affiliated with North Hebron Central Zakat Committee for 170 kids. Gifts where distributed to all children during the Iftars to give them happiness and joy with the Eid approaching.  
Mr. Imad al-Hinidi, NBC’s General Manager, confirmed that the Company was committed to supporting the marginalized groups. He explained that “humanitarian aid and charity have been a high priority in the thought and interest of NBC, especially during Ramadan the month of kindness, charity and solidarity.  NBC, as part of the Palestinian community, is keen to be there for the people of Palestine concentrating our efforts on alleviating distress of the less fortunate and providing their needs; both morally or materially”.  
Mr. al-Hinid went on to indicate that the objective of such Iftar meals was to contribute to the links of solidarity and affiliation among the people of Palestine, especially this segment that requires the highest level of support and assistance during this month when feelings and need for the family get stronger.  He said; “Every year, during the month of Ramadan, we target various charities caring for Orphans across the West Bank and Gaza Strip aspiring to see such an innocent smile drawn on the faces of Orphans, which automatically brings delight to our hearts knowing that we have contributed to alleviating their distress and loneliness”.
 He asserted that NBC’s support does not take place only during Ramadan as the Company continues its assistance for such children through other several projects and initiatives all over the year in order to instill hope in their hearts, enhance their self-esteem and confidence in the community and its institutions as a greater family loves and supports them to continue education, knowledge acquisition and build a future of their own.  
Officials of the charities benefiting from the Iftars organized by NBC valued the Company’s gesture that has become a blessing annual tradition. They also praised NBC’s constant support for Orphans and for the institutions concerned with the less fortunate groups of the Palestinian community.  They emphasized the importance of supporting such groups and relevant association by all possible means in order to enable them to keep on their noble mission of embracing and supporting Orphans.