Funded by Coca-Cola Foundation National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and INJAZ Palestine launch the 9th Phase of "Ripples of Happiness" Program

Ramallah- Alhayat Economic- The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/ Cappy (NBC) and INJAZ Palestine Foundation launched the ninth phase of "Ripples of Happiness” training program which is funded by Coca-Cola foundation. The program aims at enable the students of Palestinian universities and institutes to implement pioneering projects that positively contribute to and influence the process of community development.
The 9th phase of the program will be implemented in five Palestinian universities and colleges namely: Palestine Polytechnic University, Khadoori University, An-Najah National University, Modern University College, and the University College of Applied Sciences, in conjunction with the launch of the program at a number of Arab universities. The program includes many phases through which volunteers from the private sector provide the participating students with knowledge to enable them to apply and practice what they have learned on study benches through interaction and active involvement in their communities.
Further, the objectives of the program focus on developing the principles of belonging and social responsibility in the students and providing them with the entrepreneurship skills, financial culture, and career readiness by giving the students the opportunities to discover their individual and professional interests and the available job opportunities, and familiarizing them with the key principles of career readiness.
On this occasion, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, asserted the importance of synergizing the efforts to continue implementing Ripples of Happiness program which aims at supporting the young potentials, especially after the consecutive successes achieved by the students of Palestinian universities and the high positions attained in the program at the regional level.
He added that the impressive results achieved by the Palestinian students in the recent years encouraged their peer students to compete and create. They also motivated the company to continue supporting the pioneering projects and embrace their creative ideas.
Mr. al-Hindi stated that NBC strategy aims at creating sustainable programs for the youth that correspond with their ambitions and encourage them to make positive change and develop their social awareness, after such group demonstrated a challenge to the hard conditions facing them and an endless ability to give, excel, and social pioneering, and engagement in the practical life.
On her part, Randa Salama, General Manager of INJAZ Palestine, valued the fruitful and ongoing partnership with NBC, which has continued for the fifth year in a row as the 9th phase of Ripples of Happiness program will be implemented. She emphasized the importance of Ripples of Happiness program which provides an excellent opportunity for university and college students in Palestine to qualify and develop their abilities in order to present pioneering and constructive projects that contribute to the development and advancement of their society and the various sectors.
Salama commended the role of the volunteering trainers who participated with their time and efforts for the success of the program and to enable the students to present pioneering initiatives to serve the society. Salama added: “Ripples of Happiness” program targets such youth group while they are still young and in the stage of boosting the personality and abilities and they are at the prime of their activity and creativity and they look for encouragement and a place that embraces their potentials to enable them to present their initiatives and pioneering projects, instill the spirit of responsibility in them, and make positive change in their communities. During this season, the program will be implemented in new areas for the first time aiming at larger expansion in a number of Palestinian universities and colleges participating in the program and targeting new students to prepare them to get into the experience and to learn from it”.
She added: “the teams that take the first three places in the contest receive valuable financial rewards to help them complete the projects which they already started which will contribute to ensure continuity and expansion”.