Under the Diamond Sponsorship of National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy and Golden Sponsorship of Al-Quds Bank, INJAZ Palestine Launches the Student Company Competition Ceremony for 2016

Competition Ceremony for 2016 on the 2nd and 3rd of May, under the Diamond Sponsorship of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and Golden Sponsorship of Al-Quds Bank at Ramallah Culture Palace.  The objective of the event was to stimulate the capabilities of school students in the art of company incorporation and management.

Prior to participation in the competition, INJAZ-Palestine educates the students on the concepts and principles of business establishment and management under direct supervision of consultants from the national private sector.  The Student Company collects its capital from selling shares to shareholders, and selecting a commodity or service produced by the company and markets the product as a real company. During the current academic year, nine student companies were trained including about 250 male and female participant students from Ramallah, Salfit, Hebron and Nablus.
In a ceremony attended by corporate persons and representatives of the education and private sectors, a specialized panel selected the most outstanding student company, which would represent Palestine in the Student Company Competition at the level of the Arab region.
In this context, Randa Ramahi Salamah extended thanks to NBC and Al-Quds Bank for their contribution and partnership, affirming the importance of this project, which prepares the participants to get ready to be involved in the practical and professional life which requires a great deal of practical experience and the ability to address the external society and boost their leadership spirit, which is exactly pursued by INJAZ Foundation by empowering the young men and women by giving them experience and self-confidence to qualify them to be involved in all sectors of the Palestinian labor market, which would have an active and positive impact on the national economy.
On his part, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, said that the company has always sought to build creative partnerships with the institutions that are interested in developing the practical experiences,  individual and collective capabilities of the youth groups. He emphasized NBC's commitment to continue cooperation with INJAZ Palestine, which provides leadership opportunities to the students. He valued the role of INJAZ Palestine for allowing the students to be open to their local communities to make them the future leaders who are capable of making the change.
Mr. al-Hindi added: "the students’ involvement in the private sector effectively contributes to empowering them and improving their leadership and competitive skills. In its turn, NBC supports the efforts and events that encourage those young people to create lead, and interact with different groups".
On his part, Samih Sobaih, General Manager of Al-Quds Bank, confirmed that Al-Quds Bank has been always present to support the social responsibility activities, which distinguishes the bank as one of the economic and financial institutions that have the biggest influence in this field at the national level.  He added: "CSR is a commitment and national role performed by the bank.  Investment in community development reflects how much its people contribute to improving the living standard of the Palestinian society and enhancing the performance of its sectors".
Sobaih went on: "We are certain that there is correlation between the development of the community and the success of its institutions and companies. Under such integrative role, the various agencies of the community, especially the private sector, must lead the way promoting the progress and development of the society at all levels. Further, giving the students the opportunity to work more closely with the private sector represents an excellent opportunity for them to develop their skills and ideas in a manner that contributes to developing the various sectors of the society in the future."