NBC provides aid to Al-Amal Association for Cochlear Implant in Gaza

Ramallah – Al-Hayat Economic: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) provided aids to Al-Amal Association for Cochlear Implant in Gaza Strip in order to enable the Association to provide services to children with cochlea implants in the Strip, and to continue the provision of rehabilitation programs for people with cochlea implants in addition to educational and entertaining activities provided by the Association for this group.
The aids included a variety of supplies such as headphones, educational tools, extra-curricular auxiliary tools, computers, a set of team play tools for the Association’s playground, classroom supplies in addition to a display screen and a projector.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy confirmed that those aids were a part of the Company's commitment to its social responsibility toward groups with special needs.
"We, in NBC, are eager to provide all forms of support to children with special needs, especially those who can integrate into the society if they have the necessary educational and rehabilitative means. We also support institutional efforts to nurture and rehabilitate this group and develop their capabilities to enjoy a decent life in their Palestinian society," he added.
 Mr. al-Hindi valued the efforts of Al-Amal Association officials for providing its services to assist cochlea implant children to help them be active in their community and give them their natural right to learn, play and interact with the surrounding community.
Mr. al-Hindi explained that the NCB is committed to its social responsibility towards our people in the Gaza Strip, "NBC is keen to take part in the society development and support our society by providing the necessary support to the needy segments, especially in Gaza Strip, which still suffers the consequences of the economic siege. Therefore, we will continue our support to meet the needs of our people in line with our well-established moral and national vision that seek to empower all sectors of the Gaza society, especially people with special needs and marginalized groups".
He added, "at the NBC, we intended to translate our societal obligation towards our people in Gaza into action; hence, we implemented a number of supportive projects like opening a library for patient children at Mohammed Al-Durra Hospital in Jabalia, and another in Al-Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah, in addition to opening a computer laboratory to support scientific research in the University of Palestine as well as other projects that aim to empower young people and strengthen the potentials of social institutions to serve the community and draw a smile on children faces and bring hope to the disabled and orphans.” Al-Amal Association provides educational and social services for cochlea implant children at the Association’s Rehabilitation Center under the supervision of professional staff.
The Association aims to provide comprehensive programs for children with cochlea implants to rehabilitate them psychologically and academically to improve their phonetic and acoustic skills, and integrate them with their normal peers in the community.
On his part, Mr. Mohammed Ashour, General Manager of the Association extended his thanks and gratitude for the effort and support provided by the NBC to Al-Amal Association. "The NBC is one of the first companies that responded to our appeal and honored its responsibility towards the society, and provided us with urgent needs to rehabilitate our children. We, at Al-Amal Association, appreciate those efforts to contribute to the achievement of our desired programs that require educational supplies such as books and computers that contain special educational software, in addition to other supplies including tables, pens, etc., which, of course, we were not able to provide without the help of the NBC,” he added.


Mr. Ashur went on to say, “Our appeal stems from our need for essential and urgent things for children with cochlea implants to help rehabilitate them, improve their conditions and integrate them in the local community. We hope that the aids provided by NBC will contribute to improving the rehabilitation and education process for those children and will an impact on enhancing the children’s psychological, educational and social conditions.