Under the Slogan “Jerusalem Brings Us Together” Jabal Al-Zaytoon Organizes the Coca-Cola Football Mondial for Jerusalemite Football Academies

Abdulla Al-Kiswani

Jerusalem – Pal Sport – Abdulla Al-Kiswani, President of Jabal Al-Zaytoon Club, announced that the club decided to organize the Coca-Cola football Mondial championship in which six Jerusalemite football academies targeting juniors are going to participate.  The championship will be arranged for juniors born in 2002 on Jabal Al-Zaytoon playground during the second half of May.

Husam Abu Ghannam, coach of Jabal Al-Zaytoon Football Academy sponsored by the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC), indicated that the championship is being held concurrently with the preparations for the World Cup Brazil 2014.  The tournament would be a message from Palestinian children to the children of the world. This message was initiated from Jerusalem, the Capital City, in conjunction with the Pope’s visit to the Holy Lands. The championship was organized under the sponsorship of NBC.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, the General Manager of National Beverage Company, thanked the management of Jabal Al-Zaytoon Club and expressed his pleasure that the club has took the initiative to organize  such a “Mondial tournament”.  The tournament shall carry a noble message from Palestine to Brazil.  He stated that the partnership with Jabal Al-Zaytoon Club benefits the juniors of Jerusalem and that it is part of the company’s policy to have community partnerships with Palestinian clubs and organizations as the Coca-Cola international is a major and prominent sponsor of the World Cup.