To convey a message that the Palestinian people are capable of enjoying and encouraging sports, NBC tours the Palestinian cities to show the World Cup 2014 in public squares

Ramallah – the National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy has launched, in cooperation with municipalities in a number of Palestinian cities, the “World Cup Matches Tour with Coca-Cola”.
This campaign comes as part of the Company’s endeavor to confirm that the Palestinian people are capable of overcoming their pains into happiness and of reacting with the international sport events like other nations of the world.  They are capable of handling the surrounding challenges.
The special ‘Go Led’ truck equipped with a mega monitor of high definition and quality will make the tour to show World Cup 2014 matches in the main public squares, in coordination with the municipalities to prepare and provide the squares with the necessary equipment to allow citizens to watch World Cup matches until the final match in an open atmosphere.  In addition to showing the matches, the Company provided entertainment activities such as giving away valuable prizes to the audience.
The truck which makes the World Cup Tour with Coca-Cola will move every day to a different city or village to show the matches of that day, which will provide the chance for football fans to watch matches free of charge.
Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of the National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy, confirmed that the Company seeks through granting this unique chance to the citizens who watch the World Cup to get red of the daily pressures and watch the World Cup in an atmosphere of reaction and encouragement.
 Mr. al-Hindi said, “We, at NBC, are following up the rapid developments in the West Bank, especially in Hebron, so we seek to alleviate the burdens of the citizens and provide a sportive atmosphere in the open air in public squares. Our people are good watchers of sports, especially football despite the occupation and the latest events. We, in our turn, want to send a message to the world that the Palestinian people are capable of enjoying and reacting with sports like other peoples of the world.”
Mr. al-Hindi elaborated on the importance of responding to and encouraging the interests of the Palestinian people, in addition to connecting them with the events taking place in the world; and he explained that the National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy is aware of the passion of the Palestinian people towards football and their hopes to attend the matches of the World Cup that takes place every four years.  Hence, the Company has endeavored to cope with their passion towards such world events and meet their interest to attend and watch the football matches in Brazil.
He went on to announce that “NBC is pleased to share and connect with the World Cup fans in world events such the World Cup because this event reflects the meanings of hope and life and goes in line with the Company’s goals that aim at pleasing the people and share them this joy.
 He indicated that World Cup matches concur this year with the holy month of Ramadan that gives the people a chance to boost the means of communication and keeping close kinship among the people, which gave the Company a further motive to launch the event of “World Cup Matches Tour with Coca-Cola” to share the Palestinian family the interest of watching the World Cup events in an atmosphere of happiness and hope.
 Mr. al-Hindi commended the role of the municipalities and village councils for their cooperation and responsiveness with the Company.  The municipalities and village councils have provided and prepared the squares for showing the World Cup matches.   He also appreciated the role of the security agencies who contributed to maintaining the security and order during the showing of the matches.