The Consumer Protection Society announces the launch of the “Summer of Palestine: from the Goodies of My Country" Campaign to support national products

Under the patronage and support of the National Beverage Company Coca- Cola/Cappy and Al-Arze Ice Cream Company, the Consumer Protection Association has recently launched the "Summer of Palestine: from the Goodies of My Country" campaign.
In a press conference held by the end of last June  in Ramallah, Salah Haniyeh, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Society thanked the sponsors, and stated that “this campaign is organized to encourage and support the Palestinian national products, and that the launch of the campaign is the first step towards a nation-wide campaign that will cover the various governorates, cities, towns, villages and camps, and it stems from our firm conviction that the Palestinian product must be "number one" on the shelves of Palestinian store and in Palestinian consumers’ purchase cart.”
“The concerned Government institutions must live up to their responsibilities. For more than ten years, we heard promises and bombasts and nothing on the ground. The Ministries of Economy and Agriculture must uphold their responsibilities towards the Palestinian product and take action to substitute imported products by the national products.  He condemned the complications faced by agents of foreign products that have no Palestinian alternatives compared to agents of Israeli products,” he added.
On his part, Bilal Abu Hijleh, representative of the Palestinian National Beverages Company Coca-Cola/Cappy pointed out that “a campaign like "Summer of Palestine: from the Goodies of My Country" launched by the Consumer Protection Society is extremely important as it draws the attention of Palestinian citizens to the Palestinian products and encourages the consumer to buy and support these products, especially that the Palestinian products offer high quality and only lack the consumers’ faith in their taste and quality."
He said: “Our Palestinian products have advanced, and were able to gain the Palestinian, Arabic and western consumers’ confidence.   We believe that these products, with their international quality and compliance with international and local standards and specifications, are capable of competing in global markets.”  He addressed the audience and wondered, “given that fact, don't you think that we should better give preference to our products over foreign and Israeli products?”
Abu Hijleh stressed the importance of supporting Palestinian products to help improve our local products and achieve the Palestinian consumer satisfaction and confidence, so that the national product becomes the first choice always.
Abu Hijleh noted that since the establishment of the NBC it has focused on developing its products since “product quality comes first".  He said: “we managed to subdue all challenges that have faced and are still facing the private sector and the Palestinian Economy, and we transformed them into incentives that enabled us to access all areas and outreach the local market and sustain the quality of our products on the map of products with international standards.”
Abu Hijleh called on private and public sectors as well as local authorities to join hands to upgrade the local product and focus more on quality and competitive price, "so as to help us build and strengthen the consumer trust in the products and eventually reach the concept of food and economic security."
On the other hand, Zahi Anabtawi, Chairman of Al-Arze Ice Cream Company said: “We are pleased to be always in support of the Palestinian consumer; it is true that we are a profitable company but we adopt the slogan "what we feed to our families is what we feed to the Palestinian consumer."  I trust that Palestinian consumer is capable of distinguishing the goods of varying quality and of supporting the good local product, especially that the Palestinian consumer is targeted by Israeli and international companies.  However, I am convinced that the will and the good management and planning will empower make the Palestinian industry to compete not only locally but also regionally and internationally.
He added: “Since the establishment of Al-Arze Company in 1950, and as a result of the Palestinian consumer support we became one of the leading companies in the Palestinian market. We are proud that we export our products since 2007 to Jordan, to Iraq in 2010 and Kuwait this year, and soon to Saudi Arabia.”
Anabtawi revealed that the company was in the final stages of preparing a world class factory in the East Industrial Area in the City of Nablus, with a production capacity three times the current capacity and ten times the current storage capacity. The Factory is designed and constructed by Palestinians according to international specifications. He commended the initiative of the Consumer Protection Society for launching the "Summer of Palestine: from the Goodies of My Country" Campaign.