A Kids Library is opened in the Darwish Nazzal Governmental Hospital in Qalqilya


 The Kids Library in Qalqilya Governmental Hospital

With support from the National Beverage Company,
A Kids Library is opened in the Darwish Nazzal Governmental Hospital in Qalqilya
Qalqilya - Al-Ayyam – The National Beverage Company Coca Cola/Cappy recently opened the ninth Kids Library in the Darwish Nazzal Governmental Hospital in the governorate of Qalqilya, as part of its endeavor to support the health sector and one of a group of development projects implemented by the Company as a key element of its corporate social responsibility programs.
The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Qalqilya, Mr. Abdullah Kamil, the Chairman of the hospital and Dr. Ghassan Barakat; and by the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Dina al-Masri and the General Manager Imad al-Hindi from NBC.
The NBC explained that its latest contribution was a continuation of many libraries that the Company has been launching in many hospitals and childcare centers in the past, including two in Gaza, one in Beit Jala, one in Jenin, two in Ramallah, one in Jerusalem and one in Hebron.  The objective of the initiative is to be present in and contribute to the improvement and advancement of the health sector in Palestine, and to establish a means of education and entertainment for children so as to bring fun and happiness to the children, which will help them learn during their treatment at the hospitals.
Ms. Al-Masri stressed the importance of having libraries for children in hospitals, which are centers of education and entertainment for children during the period of their treatment stay in hospitals. She highlighted the deep relationships and permanent and strong cooperation that connects the Company with the various institutions of the society.
She stressed the keenness of NBC to provide full support for all aspects related to health and education, whether it material or moral support, because NBC believes that the appropriate health and education environment for children is the best way for the advancement of the nation.  She said: "We, in the private sector, must synergize all our efforts to offer all what we have for the sake of the happiness of our children and to provide proper health care for them because they make up the structure of our dear country."
Ms. Al-Masri explained that, "the Company has committed itself, and was keen over the previous period to be at the forefront of the private sector companies in order to take part in the provision of sustainable development projects that contribute to the societal development out of NBC’s belief of the necessity to support the community institutions in the face of difficulties and challenges that obstruct its growth process, progress and success."
On his part, Mr. al-Hindi said: “The National Beverage Company, through its continued contributions and support to the community, aims at taking part in the process of growth and development of all segments and aspects of the society.  We should deploy multiple efforts by all of us to support their pursuit to achieve the progress we all aspire for in creating a bright future for our children, draw a smile on their faces, and provide them with a decent life including their right to live a perfect childhood.”
On his part, Mr. Kamil confirmed the significance of the role played by the private sector in the development of the various segments of the society.  He pointed out that the NBC participation in this achievement reflected the unity of all public and private sector institutions and confirmed their concerted efforts to build the Palestinian State.  He said: “We are proud of those kids and of their growing knowledge which we have come to feel through the remarkable development in the education and health sectors.  It was the result of the greater attention by the private sector institutions, including the National Beverage Company, in providing the necessary support and contribution to the children, which helped and will help the achievement of the desired development.  Palestine is need for such appreciated initiatives and efforts.”
Dr. Barakat commended the outstanding initiative by NBC, which confirms how the Company is eager to move forward in seriously taking up its role in the societal development through its ongoing contributions and projects, “which only shows how profound the role that the Company has undertaken in supporting the various segments of the society, including the health sector, which is in urgent need for such initiatives that would advance it and help it overcome the difficulties and challenges facing the sector under the economic crisis experienced by the region.”   He called on the private sector institutions to follow the example of the National Beverage Company and contribute to supporting the various institutions of the health sector.