During a ceremony in Ramallah organized by NBC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Announces the Seventh Phase of the Lana Al-Ghad Project to Computerize Schools

 During a ceremony in Ramallah organized by NBC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education,

Announces the Seventh Phase of the "Lana Al-Ghad" Project to Computerize Schools
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Ramallah – Alayyam: The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, opened the events of a ceremony to launch the seventh phase of the “Lana Al Ghad” Project, which aims to provide the most needy schools in remote areas with computer technology, by distributing Tablet PCs to schools in order to substitute the school computers.
The project launching ceremony held at the Company's headquarters in Ramallah was attended by the General Manager of the NBC, Mr. Imad al-Hindi, the Assistant Under-Secretary for Planning Dr. Basri Saleh, and the Ministry’s assistant deputies and general directors. 
In a speech during the ceremony, Dr. Basri commended the project, which has become an annual tradition for NBC and the Ministry. He described the project as a participatory relationship between the Ministry and the National Beverage Company targeting the children of Palestine to help meet their demands, address their issues, and provide them with a better future, from which they can move towards progress, excellence and innovation. 
On his part, Mr. al-Hindi explained that the success of the project was seen as a model for cooperation between the public and private sectors to achieve the real development that seeks to invest in reliable educators to capacity-build a strong generation capable of creativity and construction.   He pointed out that the Company has derived and transferred many international experiences and adapted them into a local Palestinian model.  This is done by supporting schools nominated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in remote areas and providing them with computer labs that offer the means for progress and advancement and a tool to face difficulties towards a promising future based on development and prosperity.
Mr. al-Hindi spoke of the qualitative progress in the project, which is providing a new educational technology, namely the Tablet PC, as an achievement-stimulating technical tool.  This was part of the efforts to develop and improve the method of education and upgrade it through the provision of modern technology means, which contribute to creating an educational environment with high-level standards. 
He added: "The use of the Tablet PC in education will contribute to the development of students' capacity in several areas, the first of which is facilitating communication with knowledge resources and practicing distance learning, in addition to encouraging the students to carry out their classwork and homework in light of the use of a new innovative method that motivates students to work harder, as well as providing the ability to download several educational applications, which could contribute to the development of the student's thinking. 
Mr. al-Hindi explained that the Company has commissioned dozens of school computer laboratories in a number of governorates of Palestine over the past years; and in this year, three more schools have benefited from the project in the Directorates of Tubas, Holy Jerusalem and South of Hebron, which were provided with 50 Tablet PCs for each school.